60 Day Music Licensing Mentorship Details



I took Aaron's 90 day challenge and had my music accepted into at least a dozen libraries. ______ and _____ were two of those, and I am now receiving payments from them. In 2013 I am again taking the challenge, as libraries' needs change on a daily basis and there are now new libraries . 

Chuck Hughes


"some good news on the placement front.... you pitched my track "We Smile" to Bob over at ______. He took that track, and one other ("Nowhere's Noooning"). It was placed this last September in The Young/Restless...

That's it for the moment. I hope your days rocks. 
 -- Brent Magstandt
Hey Aaron;

I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your efforts on my behalf.  You encouraged me to sign a nonexclusive deal with _____ for licensing.  I was reluctant to sign with them but your advice made me sit down and listen to what they had to say and they even compromised with me on certain issues that were holding me back.

Well I signed with them and they just made a feature film placement for my song :Beautiful Dream" with a film called "Movie 43"- due to be released in January 2013 which basically stars every star in Hollywood!

Gail Vareiles 

Hi Aaron, 

My name is Alexy, a Canadian recording artist/producer from Montreal. I'm emailing you today to thank you for your 90 day challenge program, which I participated in last year and through which I have successfully created a great deal of industry connections and contacts, as well as having one of my songs placed in three episodes of a new Nickelodeon series called "Hollywood Heights". I have since recommended your program to many other artists seeking to get their foot in the door when it comes to licensing. I am very great-full for your work, because without it I would not have the knowledge and opportunities I have today.  



I want to thank you for your program.  Your tutorials and information has led to a placement in a film "Living Will" starring Ryan Dunn of "Jackass".   It was due to the the steps and information you provided that helped with this placement.  I will use your program as a Music Licensing Bible.  

Thanks Aaron. 
Timonthy Byrd 

Most targeted info I've received in a long time. Excellent...thanks so much Aaron. By the way thanks for helping me get started a bout 18 months ago. I've had 14 placements and 4 internationally distributed ringtones since then.
Peace~James Stan Tristan

Stan Tristan  

Since you've been pushing the anime boyz music, MTV has used 2 of the songs i've registered for placements already and I've been building on the foundation you've showed me with your directory and have had music placed for other artists on MTV, VH1, SPIKE TV, FUSE TV, Oxygen Network and more. Right now i'm working with my business partners to start  our own publishing company based out of Toronto and will have the initial phases of that up and running by the end of the summer.

Rob Panchuk
Anime Boyz