Learn How To Pitch Your Music Directly To Music Supervisors.  Learn How To Bypass Music Libraries And Publishers And Go Directly To The Decision Makers For Music Licensing Opportunities... Supervisors.

What You'll Learn In The "How To Pitch Directly To Music Supervisors" Course:

How To Get Started

How To Find Projects

How To Prepare Your Tracks For Supervisors

How To Network Online With Supervisors

The Kinds Of Mixes Supervisors Expect You To Have

Range Of Rates For Sync Fees 

What Kind Of Online Presence You Need

How To Find Interns To Help You With Your Sync Campaigns

What Music Supervisors Don't Want To See And Hear

How Location Plays A Factor In Securing licensing Deals

How To Maintain Professional Relationships With Supervisors

How To Sign With Licensing Agents

What You Need To Have At All Times When Your Pitching Your Music To Supervisors

How To Register Your Tracks So You Get Paid For Both Your Writer And Publisher Royalty

... And Much More!


About The Course:

"How To Pitch Music Directly To Supervisors" is a 90 minute course taught by CBS Sports' music coordinator Joseph Miller and facilitated by How To License Your Music.com founder Aaron Davison.  The course is instantly accessible online and features a 90 minute hour audio program that explains in detail how to work directly with music supervisors.  The course features the most in depth information available related specifically to licensing your music through music supervisors available.

About Joseph Miller

Joseph Miller is a music supervisor, business developer and synch agent to multiple international music placement and branding companies.  He has served as a panelist and judge at entertainment events and has collaborated with industry insiders to produce content that educates and inspires musicians and artists looking to procure synch placements.  He is under representation by The Max Steiner Agency.  

He attended SUNY Oneonta where he earned a degree in Music Industry and Audio Production.  Since graduating, Joseph has been employed by Cherry Lane Music/BMG and served as a Music Specialist at A&E Networks.  He is also the Music Coordinator for CBS Sports in New York.

Currently, Joseph resides in Jersey City but you will often find him at networking events, attending live shows or exploring new areas of New York

Projects Joseph Has Worked On:


Last Night With the Boys
Music Supervisor
Robert DiFalco, dir. & prod.

Parallel Lives
Music Supervisor
Majnu John, dir. & prod.

Promise Land
Music Supervisor
Kevin Dalvi, dir. & prod.
Nequa Studios

Bad Parents
Music Supervisor
Caytha Jentis, dir. & prod.
Fox Meadow Films

Music Coordinator
Neil Barsky, dir.
How Am I Doing Productions, LLC
Jenny Carchman, prod.
Joe Rudge, music supervisor


Making Sparks
Music Supervisor
App Media Jack Delaney, dir.
Don Allen, prod.

Music Supervisor
Independent Miriam Pultro, dir.


Music Coordinator
Promotional Commercial Chris Capelluto, prod.

"How To Pitch Directly To Music Supervisors" is a 90 minute audio course.  The course is available to stream online from a secure member's only area or you can download an mp3 of the course and listen when and where you'd like.

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