Learn The Fundamentals Of Music Production That Are Needed To License Your Music In TV And Films

A new course, focused specifically on how to produce Music for Licensing Opportunities by Independent Musicians and Home Studio and Project Studio owners is now available! Backed by over 30 years of research and thousands of hours of hands-on experience in studios internationally, including a successful track record of licensing, radio airplay and album production - including released material for multi-platinum recording artists – this course is now available to you for a small fraction of the market value for such a course.  I have teamed up with Los Angeles based Producer, Engineer and Orchestrator Gary Gray to present to you:


Music Production Fundamentals

Music Production FundaMENTALs is a revolutionary course which helps Mentor and Apprentice any independent musician, songwriter, producer or engineer who desires to get their music licensed.

Producing music for licensing is DIFFERENT than producing music for an Album, an EP or a Single.

The basic premise of the course is that most people who are trying to get their music licensed have nowhere to turn to get an in-depth education specifically on Music Production for Licensing.  And where they do turn for education often ends up creating more confusion than it solves, giving many songwriters and musicians a certain mental outlook (not a positive one) which can easily lower one’s confidence and interestingly enough – causes a person to inaccurately hear their own mixes.

With this course, you will first erase any false information that has been passed around to you regarding Music Production (very eye-opening! – and EAR Opening!!)

Then, common denominator confusions, shared by many songwriters and musicians, are tackled head-on.

Fascinating behind-the-scenes and state-of-the-art techniques, tips and tricks are gone over in detail, so you can start improving your mixes right now.

Inexpensive procedures for building your home studio, or upgrading your current one, are covered in detail.  Sneak peek: Learn how to properly treat your home studio environment for recording and mixing for $0 dollars.

Learn, in detail, with a step-by-step video, how to professionally calibrate your home studio monitors.

As part of the course, you will be given:

STEM FILES – You will be taught how to create them, inspect them for industry standard quality.

REFERENCE FILES – ready to use for you’re A’B’ing.

CUE FILES –  2:00 Full Mix, 60 Sec Bumper, 30 Sec Bumper, 15 Sec Sting, 7 Sec Sting, Underscore Mix.  All part of a standard submission package sent to your inbox as part of your mentorship and apprenticing. Learning how to create these files will place you at the head of the line when it comes to shopping.

Something else no other course offers – Mix Files sent directly to your inbox of files up to the standards of Music Supervisors and Publishers AND tracks that are NOT up to the standards of licensing – so you can clearly hear the difference. No need to ask this anymore: “How good do my tracks have to be to get licensed.”

Detailed Course Videos cover:

-Music Production Fundamentals

-How To Calibrate Your Home Studio Monitors

-Mixing Drums

-Mixing Guitars

-Mixing Bass

-Mixing Orchestration with Realistic Dynamics and Articulation

-Mixing EDM

-How to Build a Pro Home Studio On A Shoe-string Budget

-Basics of Computers and Computer Specs for Recording & Mixing

-Help on organizing your life, your time, your studio and your sessions. A critical step – and one shared by all successful songwriters and musicians who have seen consistent success.

All this taught by a teacher who delivers in his own right – with Gary recently having gotten 14 of his last 14 submissions accepted for publishing and licensing deals with flying colors, including an exclusive paid publishing deal with Megatrax”, one of the largest and most respected Licensing Corporations in the U.S. for their prestigious “Distillery Mix Series, and with the Music Supervisor of A&E citing Gary’s latest mix and master as a standard in music production for other television composers to listen to.  The track was chosen for multiple Episodes of “Born This Way,” with a viewership of over one million people, premiering on July 26, 2015. 

Check out a free sample video from the course that covers how to set up a mixing session for licensing.

About Gary Gray

Gary Gray is a California based producer with over 30 years of experience working in the industry.

Gary’s latest track was chosen by Industry Veteran Music Supervisor Mason Cooper as a single on Concord Records Film Score Sound Track Album for the Dennis Quaid Film “Beneath The Darkness.”

Gary also was chosen to orchestrate and co-produce the 2010 solo album “Blue Highway” for Multi-Platinum Recording Artist and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Marty Balin (founder of Jefferson Starship/Jefferson Airplane). 

His licensing and production/engineering resume includes:

CBS National Radio Commercial for “The Holiday Project”

Radio Jingle for NBC National Radio affiliate WBZ in Boston

Radio Jingle for KSBR Radio in Orange County, California

Television Commercial Music and Graphics for “Spotz-Gone” Carpet Cleaning in Ohio

“Black Velvet Dress” for film score of “Ha!” a Herbert Brothers Transit film

“Love Sick”- single for film score soundtrack album on Concord Records for the Dennis Quaid film “Beneath The Darkness.”

Yanni String production for ABC Television Disney Christmas Special

CBS National Radio Commercial for California Sound Studios

Four Original Songs on the Emmy Award Winning Television Program “Crooked River Groove”

NBC Television Commercial  for “Stompin’ At The State” in Ohio

Co-Production and Orchestration for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee Marty Balin’s 2010 Solo Album “Blue Highway”

CBS National Radio 10th Anniversary of 911 Theme Song “Freedom Lives On In America”

DVD Sound Track accompanying the book “Guided Passage” by Bradley Falk

Sound Track for Ellen Brown’s Television Special “China’s Creative Accountants”

Live Sound Production:

Chick Corea

Jermaine Jackson

Isaac Hayes


Mark Ishaam

Tampa Bay Symphony

Music Production Fundamentals


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