"Thanks for the advice on mixing the bass and drums using sidechain compression. I've never had it explained so clearly. I immediately started using it on my mixes... The main thing that has held me back is trying to get my music to broadcast quality...The simplicity in which you teach really inspires me to learn."

Javier Silva

Learn How To Produce Music In Your Home Studio That Will Get Licensed And Make You Money!

What You'll Learn In The Course:

The Most Important Tracks To Mix First

 Learn What Standards Supervisors Listen For In Mastering

How To A/B Tracks For Music Licensing

The Concept Of Composite Perception And How It Will Improve Your Mixes

What Supervisors Are Looking For When They Listen To Your Mixes

What "Side Chain" Compression Is And How To Use It To Dramatically Improve The Sound Of Your Rhythm Section

The Vertical And Horizontal Approach To Mixing

Advanced Mastering Techniques

 How To Master Using Izotope Ozone

How To Use A Limiter/Maximizer To Maximize The Loudness Of A Track

The Concept Of "Checkerboard A/Bing"

What "You'll Find It When You're Blind" Means And How It Applies To Mixing

What "Parabolic EQ" Is And How To Use It

... And Much More!


About The Course:

"How To Produce Music That Will Get Licensed And Make You Money" is a 90 minute audio course with an accompanying six part, 60 minute video series, taught by the California based music producer Gary Gray and facilitated by Aaron Davison.  The course is instantly accessible online and and in addition to the audio and video portion of the course includes multiple samples of tracks Gary has produced, multiple screen shots of the recording techniques discussed, PDF files related to the concepts discussed in the course and more.  The course features the most in depth information related specifically to music production and how to produce music that will get licensed available. 

Gary Gray With Quincy Jones 

About Gary Gray

Gary Gray is a California based producer with over 30 years of experience working in the industry.

Gary’s latest track was chosen by Industry Veteran Music Supervisor Mason Cooper as a single on Concord Records Film Score Sound Track Album for the Dennis Quaid Film “Beneath The Darkness.”

Gary has had two recordings premiered in the last year on CBS National Radio, one a tribute to 911 written by Gary premiered on the 10th Anniversary of 911 as the theme song, “Freedom Lives On In America,” and “Hocus Pocus,” premiered this past month.

Gary also was chosen to orchestrate and co-produce the 2010 solo album “Blue Highway” for Multi-Platinum Recording Artist and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Marty Balin (founder of Jefferson Starship/Jefferson Airplane). 

His licensing and production/engineering resume includes:

CBS National Radio Commercial for “The Holiday Project”

Radio Jingle for NBC National Radio affiliate WBZ in Boston

Radio Jingle for KSBR Radio in Orange County, California

Television Commercial Music and Graphics for “Spotz-Gone” Carpet Cleaning in Ohio

“Black Velvet Dress” for film score of “Ha!” a Herbert Brothers Transit film

“Love Sick”- single for film score soundtrack album on Concord Records for the Dennis Quaid film “Beneath The Darkness.”

Yanni String production for ABC Television Disney Christmas Special

CBS National Radio Commercial for California Sound Studios

Four Original Songs on the Emmy Award Winning Television Program “Crooked River Groove”

NBC Television Commercial  for “Stompin’ At The State” in Ohio

Co-Production and Orchestration for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee Marty Balin’s 2010 Solo Album “Blue Highway”

CBS National Radio 10th Anniversary of 911 Theme Song “Freedom Lives On In America”

DVD Sound Track accompanying the book “Guided Passage” by Bradley Falk

Sound Track for Ellen Brown’s Television Special “China’s Creative Accountants”

Live Sound Production:

Chick Corea

Jermaine Jackson

Isaac Hayes


Mark Ishaam

Tampa Bay Symphony

Here's what you'll get when you purchase "How To Produce Music That Will Get Licensed And Make You Money":

1) 90 minute audio course - stream online or download to listen when and where you'd like.

2) Six Part Hour Long Video Series That Corresponds To Audio Course That Adresses All Of The Concepts Discussed In The Course

3) Samples of music Gary has produced and licensed.

4) Screen shots of exact recording techniques discussed during the course.

5) PDF Files including Glossary Of Terms, Reading References, Course Outline and Parabolic EQ Guide.

Testimonials For "How To Produce Music That Will Get Licensed And Make You Money"

Hi Aaron,

I wanted to let you know I'm loving the audio course with Gary Gray.

.... with Gary's teaching -- things are really "clicking." It's awesome! I totally get what he's saying, and am pretty confident I can execute it. He's a fantastic teacher!

I contacted him to thank him last week -- just a spontaneous thing -- and he has ended up being incredibly supportive and helpful. He's encouraged me to ask questions and has answered them everytime. Very rare in my experience both on and offline!

In a nutshell, I really appreciate the course. I'm making full use of it :-) My tracks are going to be even better.

Thanks again Aaron,


Hi Gary and Aaron,
I have to say I am genuinely enjoying this course you´ve developed. I feel comfortable with your deliver and content. Most importantly, you present your concepts in a clear simple terms that lets the student apply these in the real world; almost immediately. My recording experience goes back to the early 8 track analog days and I thought I knew a few things but after attending every sessions (some multiple times) I walk away and say to myself, "wow, I didn't know that."
Good job, I can't wait for more. You may have created a monster. I love this stuff.

Bobby Reed - Singer/Songwriter and wanta-be engineer. 

Hi Aaron!

Thank you for your wonderful courses. Your latest collaboration with Gary Gray is truly a Godsend. For years I have struggled with producing my own tracks. Gary's insights have really helped me have much more confidence in my home studio. I'm having a blast writing and recording new songs and so grateful to you both for helping me follow my dream of getting my music licensed.  

Thanks again,
Mary Shaw

How To Produce Music That Will Get Licensed And Make Money 

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