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The Music Licensing Starter Kit combines three of the most essential products from How To License Your's catalog into one essential resource.  Purchase for three days only together for one low price.  

The Music Licensing Starter Kit includes:

The 2017 TV And Film Music Business Directory ($37.00 Value)

The 2017 TV And Film Music Business Directory has over 2,600 listings of contact information for music supervisors, music publishers, music libraries, video game companies and more.

You have to get your music into the right hands in order to get your music licensed.  Get your music to the right people with this powerful tool.  Directory includes email addresses, phone numbers, addresses and website addresses for each company.

The 2017 TV And Film Music Business Directory is over 330 pages long and is instantly accessible in PDF format.  The directory normally sells for $37.00  by itself but is included as a part of The Music Licensing Starter Kit!

The A To Z Of Music Licensing ($47.00 Value)

The A To Z Of Music Licensing is an in depth audio program that covers everything you need to know to start licensing your music in tv and films.  In the A To Z Of Music Licensing you'll learn:

-Why Your Music Is Needed
-How You Get Paid
-How Much Money You Can Make Licensing Your Music
-How To License Music Internationally
-How Publishing Royalties Work
-How To Self Publish Your Music
-How Cue Sheets Work
-How To Copyright Your Music
-Writing Ad Jingles
-Different Types Of Contracts And How They Work
... And Much More!

The Music Licensing Audio Interview Bundle 
($19.97 Value)

In addition to the directory and ebook, The Music Licensing Starter Kit also includes the "Music Licensing Audio Interview Bundle". Each interview is between a half hour and forty five minutes long.  The interviews are available in mp3 format and you can download them and listen when and where you'd like. You'll receive access to the following interviews:

1) An Interview With Aaron Bethune Of Play It Loud Music - During this interview you'll hear from Aaron Bethune, the founder of Play It Loud Music. Play It Loud Music is a boutique management and booking agency that is run by a tight knit team of industry specialists, musicians and, most importantly, people that are dedicated to seeing an artist's career flourish. They have an extensive music licensing catalog and their clients include MTV, E Entertainment, CBS, Fox, TLC, BBC, Universal and many more.  Aaron and I discuss a variety of tips and strategies for licensing your music through companies like Play It Loud and how to maximize your chances of success in this interview.

2) An Interview With Jason Greenberg Of Soundscape Media - During this interview you'll hear from Jason Greenberg, owner of the Canadian based music library, Soundscape Media.  You'll hear Jason's thoughts on why he selects the music he selects and ways you as a songwriter can find out about more licensing opportunities and increase your overall chances of licensing your music. 

3) An Interview With Mark Brinker Of Freeplay Music - Mark works in the licensing department at Freeplay and he works directly with music supervisors who approach Freeplay looking for music for their projects.  Learn what kind of music supervisors are looking for and how Mark helps supervisors find the right music for their projects.   

4) An Interview With Beth Wernick Of Imaginary Friends - Beth is the owner of a small indie catalog of music and she's placed a LOT of music in a LOT of projects in both TV and Films.  During this interview Beth shares a lot of great insights about ways songwriters can more successfully connect with licensing opportunities.  You'll hear a lot of great and very specific advice in this interview! 

5) An Interview With Chris Davison Of Fliktrax - Chris is the owner of the new music library, Fliktrax. During this interview Chirs discusses what it's been like creating a music library and breaking into the music licensing business.  You'll learn a lot of great tips and strategies that you as a songwriter can implement based on what Chris has learned during his experience at Fliktrax.  

6) An Interview With Tyra Elder Of Ishlab Music -  Tyra works in the music acquisition department at Ishlab and is responsible for selecting the music that is included in Ishlab's catalog.  Learn the criteria uses to select music in this interview and learn how you as a songwriter can increase your chances of getting your music accepted into music libraries in this interview. 

7) An Interview With Instrumental Music Composer Darko Saric - Darko has been very successful at licensing his instrumental music in a variety of television projects. Learn how Darko got started and was able to succesfully start licensing his music and how you can do the same in this interview. 

8) An Interview With Aaron Davison Of How To License Your - In this interview you'll hear from yours truly being interviewed by the Grammy winning producer, Khaliq Glover.  Khaliq has worked with artists such as Michael Kackson, Stevie Wonder and Prince.  During this interview Khaliq interviews me about how I got started licensing my own music and ultimately started helping other songwriters learn about the business. Learn why I'm so excited about music licensing and why I think it's something every songwriter should know about in this interview! 

9) An Interview With Tracey and Vance Marino - During this interview you'll hear with the songwriting team of Tracey and Vance Marino. Tracey and Vance have had hundreds of placements in both Film and Television. Last year, their song "Carnival Lights" was placed in the Disney /Touchstone Pictures film "The Last Song" by Nicholas Sparks, starring Miley Cyrus and Greg Kinnear. In August 2009, the Marino's were signed as composers for Harpo Productions, Oprah Winfrey's company.  They've had placements in the "Oprah Show," "Dr. Oz Show," and the "Nate Berkus Show." They are currently scoring their first short feature film in 3D with Director Tyrell Lloyd, and Producer Dawn W. Ford, who worked with George Lucas and Stephen Spielberg.

10) An Interview With John Oszjaca - During this interview you'll hear from songwriter and marketing guru, John Oszjaca.  Learn the techniques John uses to earn close to a million dollars year marketing both music and other products online.

11) An Interview With Dave Merson Hess - In this conversation with film composer Dave Merson Hess, Dave discusses the business of film scoring, who makes a good candidate to go into the business, how much you get paid for different projects and more.

12) An Interview With Gary Gray - During this interview with music producer Gary Gray, Gary addresses the three most common mixing challenges musicians face and how to solve them.  Gary has produced music that has been used in a variety of tv, film and radio projects and has over 30 years of experience to draw from.  Gary and I recently created a course together, called "How To Produce Music That Will Get Licensed And Make You Money". 

Free Bonus Interviews!

When you purchase "The Music Licensing Starter Kit" you'll also receive as a free bonus, eight episodes of my new podcast, "Music, Money And Life".  You'll receive the following bonus interviews:

 1) An Interview With Aaron Bethune Of Play It Loud Music - In this episode of "Music, Money and Life" I speak with Aaron Bethune of Play It Loud Music about the latest trends in the music licensing industry and how you can maximize your success.

2) An Interview With Stock Music Expert Aaron Saloman - In this episode you'll hear from Stock Music expert Aaron Saloman about his strategies for earning a substantial income from licensing stock music. 

3) An Interview With Alexy - In this epsidoe you'll hear from musician Alexy about he was able to get his first few placements as a result of taking one my coures on the music licensing business. 

4) An Interview With Chuck Hughes - In this episode you'll hear from Chuck Hughes about he's able to generate $50,000 a year through a combination of licensing, touring and CD Sales. 

5) An Interview With Greg Savage - In this episode you'll hear from SEO expert Greg Savage about strategies you can use to market your music using both Twitter and Youtube. 

6) An Interview With Jason Greenberg Of Soundscape Media - In this episode you'll hear from Jason Greenberg Of Soundscape Media about current trends in the music licensing industry and how you can license more of your music. 

7) An Interview With Nashville Based Musician Nate Davenport - In this episode you'll hear from Nashville based musician Nate Davenport about what it's like to pursue a music career in Nashville. 

8) An Interview With Ex-Sublime Saxophonist Todd Forman - In this episode you'll hear from ex-Sublime saxophonist Todd Forman about what it was like touring the world with Sublime. 

Free Bonus! Advanced Music Licensing Strategies"Advanced Music Licensing Strategies" is a 60 minute audio course taught by How To License Your founder, Aaron Davison. This course goes into advanced strategies for how to license more music and achieve more success licensing music.  This course is designed for musicians looking to do licensing full time. It's suggested that you first review "The A To Z Of Music Licensing" or "An Insider's Guide To Music Licensing" prior to purchasing "Advanced Music Licensing Strategies" to cover the basics of music licensing.  "Advanced Music Licensing Strategies" is designed for musicians already familiar with the basics of how the business works.

 To Sum Up, The Music Licensing Starter Kit Includes:

-The 2017 TV And Film Music Licensing Directory ($37.00 Value)

-The A To Z Of Music Licensing ($47.00 Value)

-The Music Licensing Audio Interview Bundle ($19.97 Value)

-Advanced Music Licensing Strategies ($39.97 Value)

-Save $120.00 Off the cost of purchasing products separately!

-Download and access all products immediately upon checkout.

 The Music Licensing Starter Kit

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