An In Depth, Interactive 15 Week Long Bootcamp For Musicians Who Want To Make Money Licensing Their Music In TV Shows, Films And Ads.

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The Music Licensing Fundamentals Bootcamp

Do you have music that you've created that you're not making money from?  Would you like to get more exposure for your music and bring it to a wider audience?  Do you want to learn how to generate a passive revenue stream from your music?

The Music Licensing Fundamentals Bootcamp is a new, 15 week long, interactive, online workshop for musicians who want to learn how to monetize the music they make through licensing it in tv shows, films, ads and more.

The Music Licensing Fundamentals Bootcamp is led by Chicago based musician and How To License Your founder, Aaron Davison, and LA based producer, Gary Gray. 

Together, Aaron and Gary are leading a new 15 week long course that consists of weekly lessons, daily licensing leads, in depth audio and video training,one on one coaching, weekly conference calls that go over each week's training and what to focus on each week, 20 plus hours of bonus content and much more.

The Music Licensing Fundamentals Bootcamp Includes:

1. 3 x one-on-one sessions with both Aaron Davison and Gary Gray.  You’ll get three one on one, half hour long sessions with Aaron to go over goal setting, specific strategies for getting your music licensed and more.  You’ll also get three one on one sessions with Gary Gray to focus on your production skills and specific techniques for improving the production of your tracks.

2. Three daily licensing leads for 60 consecutive days [180 leads in all].  You’ll pitch your music to places that are open to and looking for new music.  All companies have been vetted and researched by Aaron Davison personally, to assure that each company is actively looking for music and in good standing.

3. A detailed critique of your music’s production by producer Gary Gray.

4. A private Facebook Group to get feedback and ask questions along the way.

5. 3 Conference Calls with Aaron and Gary throughout the program to keep you on point.  Different topics will be addressed in length during each conference call (see below).

5. Over 20 hours of detailed instruction on both the business and creative side of licensing as well as detailed training related to music production for licensing.

6. BONUS - Free Membership to the new membership service, How To License Your premium for a full year.  Get ongoing training and instruction, new courses released monthly, all year.

Music Licensing Fundamentals Curriculum

Here's what you'll learn in the new Music Licensing Fundamentals Training.   The curriculum is divided into 8 different modules, each covering a different aspect related to licensing your music.

Week 1 : June 19th - 25th
During week 1 you'll learn about the mindset needed to properly succeed in the music licensing business.  You'll develop essential strategies for navigating the realities of the music licensing business.
In week one we cover:
-Introductory Conference Call (Video replay for those not able to attend)
-Why Music Licensing Is A Long Term Game
-How To Stay Motivated
-Dealing With Rejection
-Defining Your Goals
-Developing A Strategy For Success

Week 2: June 26th - July 2nd
How To Write Music For Licensing
During the second week, you'll learn how to write songs that work for licensing.  You'll learn about the types of songs that generate the most placements and how to craft your songs in a way that work for licensing.
In week two, we cover:
-Three Elements
-Subject Matter
-Styles Of Music
-What Types Of Songs Work Best
-Being Authentic VS Writing For Licensing
Week 3: July 3rd - July 9th
During the third week, we'll get into music production, and go over some essential concepts you'll need to know to get your music's production ready for licensing opportunities.
In week three, we cover:
-Production Quality
-How To Choose The Right Music Producer
-How To Finance Production Costs
-Production Basics For Licensing
-Advanced Vocal Production
Week 4: July 10th - July 16th
Things To Do Before You Start Pitching
In week 4, we cover:
-The Types Of Files You Definitely Need
-The Types Of Files You Might Need
-Metadata And Your Tracks
-Registering Your Titles With Your PRO
-Copyrighting Your Music
Week 5: July 17th - July 23rd
Networking And Marketing
In week 5 we cover:
-How To Research The Market
-Publishers And Libraries VS. Music Supervisors
-How To Make Contact
-How To Submit Your Music
-Tracking And Following Up On Your Submissions
-Should You Pay To Submit To Music Briefs
-Networking In Person VS Online
-Working Directly With Music Supervisors
Week 6: July 24th - July 30th
The Business Of Licensing
In week 6 we cover:
-How You Get Paid And How Much You Can Earn
-Non Exclusive Re-Titling Deals 
-The Pros And Cons Of Exclusivity
-Co-publishing Deals Explained
-Buyout Deals Explained
-Types Of Deals To Avoid
-The Problem With Spreading Yourself Too Thin
-Cue Sheets And Performance Royalties
-Negotiating Fees
Week 7: July 31st - August 6th
Advanced Music Licensing Techniques
In week 7 we cover:
-Working With Assistants And Interns
-Being Professional
-How To Create An Effective Showreel
Weeks 8 - 15:  August 7th - October 8th
After an intensive 8 weeks of learning everything you need to know about music licensing and how the business and craft of music licensing works, you'll start aggressively pitching your music to people that license music. 
 A big part of licensing music is simply getting your music to and connecting with the right people.  You'll pitch your music to three places a day, for 60 consecutive days (180 leads in all).  Getting your music licensed is all about making connections, and the latter part of The Music Licensing Boot-camp will focus solely on this task, after you've learned the fundamentals of how music licensing works.
The 180 licensing leads will consist of publishers, libraries, supervisors and sync agencies that are all open to and looking for new music. Each lead will include company name, contact name, how to submit your music and contact information.  These leads will be delivered once a day, each day throughout the program starting in week 9. 
Resource Section - You'll get access to the following resources as well, as a part of The Music Licensing Bootcamp.
-2017 Music Licensing Business Directory
-Submission Tracking Spreadsheet
-International PRO List
-Song Sampler #1 - "Up To You" - As Heard On Fox Sports
-Song Sampler #2 - "Headed Home" - AMC Theatres
-Song Sampler #3 - "Ride The Wave" - As Featured On A&E's Born This Way
-Bonus Interview
-Sample Contract #1
-Sampler Contract #2

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About Aaron Davison

Aaron Davison is a Chicago native that has been licensing his own music in a wide variety of tv shows, ads and more since 2002. He's a Berklee College Of Music Alumnus and songwriter and the founder of How To License Your, a website that focuses on teaching other musicians how to license their music in tv and films.  Aaron is also the host of the popular music business podcast, Music, Money And Life, a weekly podcast featuring the best minds in the business of sync licensing and more.

As a former guitar instructor and the former Executive Director of the Music Gallery Academy (Highland Park, IL), Aaron approaches music business education with passion and commitment.  As an alumni of Berklee College of Music, Aaron has experienced the role that education plays in launching music business careers first hand.  It was at Berklee College of Music that Aaron was first introduced to the concept of licensing music in tv and films, via his former songwriting professor Barbara Jordan. 

After several years of licensing his own music in a variety of TV show and multimedia project, Aaron decided to launch the webiste How To License Your in 2007 with the goal of educating musicians around the world on the concept of monetizing their music through music licensing.  Since then, Aaron has helped hundreds of artists launch their own music licensing careers.  Clients including Eddie Grey, Chuck Hughes, Javier Silva and many others have licensed their music in a wide variety of projects as a result of Aaron's courses and training.

Aaron's own music has been heard in the following networks, tv shows and brands:

Aaron's helped his clients secure placements in the following tv shows, networks, etc...

About Gary Gray

Gary Gray
is a California based producer with over 30 years of experience working in the industry.

Gary’s latest track was chosen by Industry Veteran Music Supervisor Mason Cooper as a single on Concord Records Film Score Sound Track Album for the Dennis Quaid Film “Beneath The Darkness.”

Gary also was chosen to orchestrate and co-produce the 2010 solo album “Blue Highway” for Multi-Platinum Recording Artist and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Marty Balin (founder of Jefferson Starship/Jefferson Airplane). 

His licensing and production/engineering resume includes:

CBS National Radio Commercial for “The Holiday Project”

Radio Jingle for NBC National Radio affiliate WBZ in Boston

Radio Jingle for KSBR Radio in Orange County, California

Television Commercial Music and Graphics for “Spotz-Gone” Carpet Cleaning in Ohio

“Black Velvet Dress” for film score of “Ha!” a Herbert Brothers Transit film

“Love Sick”- single for film score soundtrack album on Concord Records for the Dennis Quaid film “Beneath The Darkness.”

Yanni String production for ABC Television Disney Christmas Special

CBS National Radio Commercial for California Sound Studios

Four Original Songs on the Emmy Award Winning Television Program “Crooked River Groove”

NBC Television Commercial  for “Stompin’ At The State” in Ohio

Co-Production and Orchestration for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee Marty Balin’s 2010 Solo Album “Blue Highway”

CBS National Radio 10th Anniversary of 911 Theme Song “Freedom Lives On In America”

DVD Sound Track accompanying the book “Guided Passage” by Bradley Falk

Sound Track for Ellen Brown’s Television Special “China’s Creative Accountants”

Live Sound Production:

Chick Corea

Jermaine Jackson

Isaac Hayes


Mark Ishaam

Tampa Bay Symphony

Music Licensing Fundamentals

15 Week Course

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