Learn How To Create And Launch Your Very Own Music Library And Pitch Directly To Supervisors, Films, Ad Agencies And More!

What You'll Learn In "The A To Z Of Creating A Music Library":

How To Get Started

 Whether To Form An LLC Or Scorp

How To Find An Entertainment Attorney

The Types of Contracts You'll Need

How To Create A Website For Your Music Library And How Much It Will Cost

The Best Ways To Recruit New Artists

The Different Methods Of Getting Your Music To Music Buyers

How Much To Charge For Different Types Of License Agreements

How To Pay The Artists You Work With

How Long It Takes To Make Money

How To Register Your Artists' Titles With Performing Rights Organizations

How To Get Paid When You License Your Music Internationally

The Pros And Cons Of Offering Exclusive And Non Exclusive Deals

Music Supervision And How To Offer Supervision Services

Custom Music For Custom Projects


About The Course:

"The A To Z Of Creating A Music Library" is a 110 minute audio course taught by one of the founders of the music library Fliktrax, Pat Finnegan, and facilitated by Aaron Davison.  The course covers, in step by step detail how to launch and market your own music library.  You'll learn all the steps involved, from the legal aspects involved in starting your own business, the contracts involved, how to recruit artists, how to market your catalog and much more.  Learn how to create a music library directly from someone who has created a successful music library from the ground up.

About Fliktrax:

Fliktrax Music was founded by partners Chris Davison, Chris Winham & Patrick Finnegan in 2008. With backgrounds in various areas of the music and entertainment business, all 3 set out to create a hands on music library & production company that valued personal communication with both artists and clients over the wholesale, "big box" mentality that had been prevalent up to that point. Since 2008 Fliktrax has grown into a thriving source for independent music in all genres, as well as boasting a stable of Emmy award winning staff composers.  
Fliktrax LLC (www.Fliktrax.com) has placed music in ads by global brands such as Nike, Pepsi, Dell, Microsoft, Vitamin Water, Chevrolet, Lays, Matutano, Campbell's, Santander, Heineken, American Express, Aon, Fidelity, Sam Adams, and many more. In addition they've placed songs and composed cues/score for programming on all major Networks, Showtime, HBO, TNT, Comedy Central, ESPN, FOX Sports, CNBC, MSG, Travel Channel, Discovery Channel and FX. 

Fliktrax music can be heard in the following TV shows:

- No Reservations (Travel Channel)

- Brotherhood (Showtime) 

- CBS Sports

- Naked And Twisted (Comedy Central)

- Guiding Light (CBS)

- Headline News (CNN)

- Gene Simmon's Family Jewels (A&E)

- World's Best Beaches (Travel Channel)

- Monday Night Football (ESPN)

- Queer Eye For The Straight Guy (Bravo)

- Busting At The Seams (Discovery Channel)

- And many more!

Here's what you'll get when you purchase "The A To Z Of Creating A Music Library":

1) 110 minute audio course detailing the steps involved in starting your own music library - stream online or download to listen when and where you'd like.

2) Templates of both library to artist contract and end user agreement contract.

3) Additional Resource Section

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