Khaliq Glover Interviews Aaron Davison

Khaliq is a renowned producer that has worked with artists
such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Prince (to name a few).
During our interview Khaliq interviews me about how I got started licensing my own music and ultimately started helping other songwriters learn about the business. Learn why I'm so excited about music licensing and why I think it's something every songwriter should know about in this interview!


 How To Build Your Musical Pipeline

To consistently license and make money from your music you need to be continually building your "musical pipeline". I frequently get checks from places I almost forget I ever even contacted in the first place.

If your music is good, and you plant enough seeds, they will start to come to fruition. The music licensing business is always changing and evolving based on what projects are being pitched to.

Sometimes music will sit in a catalog for an extended period of time before there is a relevant opportunity. This could be a few months or even a year or more, depending on the style of music and how in demand it is.

That's why it's a good idea to pursue multiple leads at the same time.  The more potential places you have pitching your music, the better.

I don't think you should go completely overboard and randomly place your music with every music publisher and library under the sun.  You do need to be somewhat selective and do due diligence when it comes to researching who you have representing your material.  

You need to work with places that make sense and pitch to places your music would be a good match for.  

But if you're working with just one or two places and you find they're not helping you make consistent income with your music, it's probably time to expand your team.

If you want to participate in a systematic process for building your "musical pipeline" and getting your music to more companies working in the licensing business, join me in the next 90 Day Challenge Music Licensing Master Class that's starting on August 15th.

The 90 Day Challenge is a 90 day long program that involves submitting your music to a different pre-selected company in the music licensing business, every day for 90 days.

The 90 Day Challenge also includes two phone consultations, email coaching, weekly video tutorials, audio interviews with licensing experts, member´s only forum and ALL of my products.

The cost for the program is just $99.99 if you register between now and August 10th.  The cost goes up to $149.99 after that if any slots remain.

More info here:

Here`s a breakdown of what`s included in the 90 Day Challenge:

1) Two Half Hour Phone Consultations
2) Email Coaching
3) Daily licensing leads for 90 days
4) Weekly Video Tutorials
5) Member´s Forum
6) The A To Z Of Music Licensing
7) A Songwriter´s Guide To Music Licensing
8) Sample Licensing Contracts
9) Music Licensing Newsletter Compendium
10) 2011 TV And Film Music Business Directory
11) The A To Z Of Creating An Information Product Business
12) Bonus Audio Interviews With Music Licensing Experts

Register here:


90 Day Challenge Music Licensing Master Class

Next 90 Day Challenge Music Licensing Master Class starts August 15th!  Details Here...  

 An Interview With Jason Greenberg Of Soundscape Media

This interview is with Jason Greenberg, the owner of the Music Catalog, Soundscape Media. Soundscape Media is a Canadian based music catalog that actively places music in both Canadian and US productions. During our interview Jason talked openly and candidly about what kind music gets licensed and about how you as an artist can be successful in the licensing business. Listen and learn!


Learn more about Soundscape Media here:

 An Interview With Beth Wernick  

I recently had a chance to interview Beth Wernick, the owner of the indie music catalog, Imaginary Friends Music Partners. During this interview Beth discusses what it takes for musicians to successfully license their music in Film and Television.  She talks about what kind of music gets placed, how much money songwriters can make, ways songwriters can improve their odds of getting their music discovered by supervisors and much more. Don't miss this interview, I think it's the best one I've done yet! Check out the interview here: 


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