In my last newsletter I talked about the things that hold musicians back from success in the music licensing business; bad music and lack of promotion.

On the flipside, writing great music and promoting it regularly is a powerful combination that all but guarantess success.

As an example, I work with a small group of artists whom I help promote to the tv and film markets.  I recenty started working with a new band, who are by all accounts truly spectacular.  I think they're great and everyone I work with seems to agree. I've had probably six requests from both publishers and supervisors wanting to work with and license their tracks in the last two weeks. More than anyone else I work with.

And it's really simple.  They're f$%ยท$king phenonomonal and as a result doors are opening left and right.  They also recently signd a record deal. Big things are happening.

Even though "great" music is subjective and certainly open for debate, there are bands and artists I work with where there seems to be a definite concensus in the industry as to their greatness. There is a collective agreeement on what makes something great.  Different people in different places that draw the same conclusion. Great music rises to the top.... if it's heard.

So if you're not achieving the sucess you'd like in the industry I can virtually guarantee that the reason has to do with either the music itself you're making, or your promotional efforts.

One of my readers commented on my last article that she didn't want to be a "telemarketer" for her music and would prefer to spend her time writing music. Fair enough.  But someone needs to be promoting your music, if not you then a manager or agent, etc...

Great music can only be acknowledeged as being great if it's heard. 

In the context of the music licensing business, publishers essentially function as agents for music licensing opportunities.  If you don't have a lot of extra time to devote to pursuing licensing opportunities then it makes sense to find a good publisher (or several) who will pitch your music for you.

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