A Conversation About Film Scoring With Dave Merson Hess 

In this conversation with film composer Dave Merson Hess, Dave discusses the business of film scoring, who makes a good candidate to go into the business, how much you get paid for different projects and more.

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The Three Most Common Mixing Challenges And How To Solve Them With Gary Gray 

During this interview with music producer Gary Gray, Gary addresses the three most common mixing challenges musicians face and how to solve them.  Gary has produced music that has been used in a variety of tv, film and radio projects and has over 30 years of experience to draw from.  Gary and I recently created a course together, called "How To Produce Music That Will Get Licensed And Make You Money".

An Interview With Stock Music Expert Aaron Saloman

During this interview with Stock Music expert Aaron Saloman, Aaron shares many great insights about how he's able to generate substantial revenue licensing his music via "stock music" libraries.  Aaron has placed his music in dozens of tv shows via stock music libraries and makes as much as half of his income from this revenue stream alone.

An Interview With Aaron Bethune Of Play It Loud Music

I recently interviewed Aaron Bethune, Founder of the Canadian based company, Play It Loud Music.  Play It Loud Music is a boutique management and booking agency that is run by a tight knit team of industry specialists, musicians and, most importantly, people that are dedicated to seeing an artist's career flourish. They have an extensive music licensing catalog and their clients and credits include: 

MTV, E Entertainment Channel, CBS, FOX, TLC, Comcast, BBC, Universal, Virgin, CSI NY, Dexter, The Office, Sons Of Anarchy, The Hills, Everybody Hates Chris, CSI, Kath and Kim, 2010 Vancouver Olympics (website theme song), Sky Runners, Samantha Who, Entourage, Saving Grace, Lost, The Nanny, Canadian Idol, Samantha Brown, Intervention, The Next Big Bang, Best New Chefs, Under The Lights, Katie Morgan Show, LSU Tiger Tour, NBC promos, Royale, Glad, Dodge, KFC, Kraft, TSN, Allstate, Durex, Microsoft, Volvo, Titleist, Bank Of Montreal, MIT, RBC, Ottawa Senators, The Slammin Salmon, Short and Male.

During our interview Aaron shared a lot of information, including what it takes to make a full time living licensing music, how much different types of placements pay, how to cultivate relationships with people working in the business and much, much more.  If you want to learn more about the music licensing business, be sure to give this interview a listen! 

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An Interview With Tyra Elder Of Ishlab Music

I recently had a chance to interview Tyra Elder who works in the acquisition department at Ishlab Music. During this interview Tyra discusses what her job is like as someone who is ultimately responsible for selecting the music that is signed to the Ishlab Library. She talks about what kind of music gets placed, how much money songwriters can make, ways songwriters can improve their odds of getting their music discovered by supervisors and much more. Don't miss this interview!

Learn more about how to get your music in TV And Films in my program, "The A To Z Of Music Licensing".  

An Interview With Mark Brinker Of Freeplay Music

I recently had a chance to interview Mark Brinker Of Freeplay Music. Mark works in the music licensing department at Freeplay.  Mark is the person who deals with incoming requests from music supervisors, TV and Film producers and more.  Mark shares some really great insights about the music licensing industry and what type of music gets placed and why.  Learn directly from this industry insider!

Learn more about how to get your music in TV And Films in my program, "The A To Z Of Music Licensing".  

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