Master Class: An Indie Musician's Guide To Film Scoring With Dave Merson Hess 

Learn All About The Business Of Film Scoring: How To Find Jobs, How To Score Films, How You Get Paid And More!

What You'll Learn In "An Indie Musician's Guide To Film Scoring":

How To Get Started

How To Find Jobs Online

How To Network And Meet Filmmakers Locally

Travel Based Networking: Film Festivals And Industry Conferences

How To Know When It's Necessary To Relocate

Brainstorming Techniques For Generating Composition Ideas

What "Mind Mapping" Is And How To Use It When Writing Scores

Using Improvisation And Looping To Generate Thematic Ideas

What A "Spotting Session" Is And How To Prepare For One

How To Work With "Temp Tracks"

What A "Picture Wall" Is And How To Use One When Creating Scores

How The Process Of Making Revisions Works

How And When To Deliver The Completed Score

The Different Types Of Deals That Exist For Film Scores And The Pros And Cons Of Each

How And When You Get Paid By Production Companies

... And Much More!


About The Course:

"An Indie Musician's Guide To Film Scoring" is a two hour long course taught by the Houston based musician Dave Merson Hess and facilitated by Aaron Davison.  The course is instantly accessible online and features a two hour hour plus audio, multiple samples of Dave's music, PDF files, screenshots and more.  The course covers everything you need to know to get started in the business of film scoring, including how to find work, how to score to film, how contracts work, how you get paid and more.

About Dave Merson-Hess

Dave is a film composer that's been composing independent music for over a decade. Dave has worked in LA, Austin and Manhattan and he currently resides in Houston, TX. In addition to scoring dramatic narrative projects, Dave loves writing music for animation, documentaries and Sci-Fi films. In Dave's spare time he also runs the sleepy, nomadic Reverse Engine, a fully digital net label with free creative commons-licensed releases. Dave's music has appeared on various net labels internationally, including Headphonic (Germany), Richmond County Archives (USA), Blocsonic (USA) and Soundz From Nowhere (Luxembourg).

Here are some of the projects Dave has scored:

Feature Films
Presence (Sci-fi/Thriller) Drifter Pictures, 2008
Official Selection Seattle True Independent 2009

Adult Swim (Cartoon Network) "Ballehula" bumper - Dax Norman, 2011
Nytro Multisport: "I Am A Triathlete" (pre-roll) - Bryan Kramer, 2010
Dogfish Head Brewery: "Beer Goggles" (spec) - Dax Norman, 2010

Notable Placements
Greater Yellowstone Coalition: "Wolves" - Colorburn, 2011
Drop Dead Diva - Lifetime, 2010
Algonquin Books: "A Curable Romantic" - Code 18, 2010
Star Kendall's "The Cat Bully" - Kevin Allison's "Risk", True Tales Boldy Told, 2010

Selected Short Films
"Otis" (Dark Comedy - Pilot) Winetree Productions, 2011
"Slipstream Engine" (Experimental Animation - Visual Music) Dax Norman, 2011
"Cosmonaut" (Sci-Fi) Bryan Kramer, 2010
"Discreet Selections" (Animation) - Dax Norman, 2010
Official Selection - Fest Anca - Slovakia 2010
"Argyle Kabuki" (Experimental Animation - Visual Music) Dax Norman, 2009
Official Selection: The BIg Screen Project (NYC 2010)
"Legacy" (Drama) Michael Rorbaugh, 2009
Official Selection: UCLA Festival 2009: New Creative Work
"POTC" (Animation) Dax Norman & Brent Lewis, 2009
Featured Entry: Playboy Animation Contest 2009
"Dover Beach" (Drama) Carl Indriago, 2008
"Goodbye" (Drama) Rose O' Leary, USC, 2002
"The Picture" (Drama) Rebekah T Wright, 2001

"Jigsaw Kiss" - iOS - Game Art, Baby Carrot Studios, 2010
"Daxterpieces 1 & 2" - iOS - Game Art, Babby Carrot Studios, 2009

Here's what you'll get when you purchase "An Indie Musician's Guide To Film Scoring":

1) Two hour plus audio course - stream online or download to listen when and where you'd like.

2) Sample Videos of Dave's film scoring work.  Watch samples of scenes Dave has scored.

3) Free resource section with additional information on the concepts discussed in the program.

4) Screen shots of an actual "picture wall" that Dave used to score a film.

5) 18 Page Bonus PDF with mind map example, sample cue sheets, notes on the videos included in the program and a reccomended reading section.

 An Indie Musician's Guide To Film Scoring

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