Does Your Music Suck?

Over the last couple years or so I've worked with dozens of songwriters one one one via my coaching and music marketing services. During this time I've noticed some interesting patterns that hold writers back when it comes to successfully licensing their music.  I'd like to address a couple of the biggest obstacles I see when it comes to writers not having the success they desire today.   

One problem is that writers simply don't take enough action in getting their music licensed. They try one service like Broadjam or Taxi and they make a handful of submissions via these services throughout the year and then there surprised when nothing happens. 
Well, I'm not surprised at all!  You need to take steps toward your goal every single day.  This is not a business to be approached casually or lackadaisically.  Sorry, if that's what you're looking for maybe you can get a job delivering pizzas or something. (no offense to pizza drivers, really, I used to deliver pizzas and it was a pretty easy job!)

I know I might be coming across a little harsh here, but let's be realistic.  A LOT of people are out there making music and trying to get their music heard.  

That's the bad news.  The good news, and I apologize in advance for my tone, but most of it really sucks! Believe me, I listen to music every day for a living now and the vast majority of what I listen to is just plain bad.  The other good news is that most musicians I know are really lazy.  

So, most of your so called competition is making sucky music and they're probably to lazy to take the steps to do anything with it anyway.  By my very unscientific estimates about 95% of your competition falls into these two categories.
The other 5%? Well, there's your competition.  So, the question is what can you do to set yourself apart and get your music out there?  Well there's a lot you can do but I can really simplify it for you.  Do two things, and do them every day, and your success will be inevitable.  It won't be a question of if but of when. Here are the two things:
1)  Improve your music EVERY day.
2) Take steps to promote your music EVERY day.

If you do these two things every day, success will find you. I guarantee it.  

(See my testimonial page for proof of people succeeding!)

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