How To Make Contact 

I get quite a few questions from subscribers of my newsletter regarding how to make contact with supervisors, music libraries, publishers, etc..  

Although there is no one right way to approach professionals in the licensing business, there are some general guidelines you should follow. 

1) If there is a website listed in my directory (assuming you're using this resource) always check to see if there is a submission policy listed.  Often times companies will tell you how they prefer to have music submitted. Some companies prefer online submissions and other still prefer you mail them a physical CD.

2) If there isn't a clear submission policy for submitting music call or email them and find out how you can submit your music.  People often ask me whether they should call or email.  I used to prefer emailing as it's a bit less intrusive, but these days I just pick up the phone and speak to someone in person. It's much quicker and if they are open to hearing music they'll gladly tell you how to get it to them. Plus this method has the added benefit of putting a voice to your name which I think helps you stand out a bit more.  

3) Submit your music based on how each company would like you to submit your music.  If you are sending in a hard copy of your CD be sure to include a brief letter introducing yourself and listing any relevant licensing credits you have.  This is important and for some reason many artists I talk to don't do this.  If you have licensing experience, people in the industry like to know that.  So don't leave this out!

4) Regardless of how you submit your music, whether it's online or via mail, be sure to follow up three to four weeks after you make your submission.  Often times companies will not respond, not because they don't like your music but because they're simply too busy and need a friendly reminder that your music is waiting to be listened to.  

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Happy Songwriting!
Aaron Davison

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