Connecting With People In The Industry

Something that I have heard over and over from people working in the music licensing business, is that if you want to find out about licensing opportunities you need to stay in regular communication with the people who are representing your music. Most opportunities in this business aren't going to come to you, but if you take the time to reach out to people you can find out about a lot of opportunities you would otherwise miss out on.

After I got my first placement with my original publisher I was so excited that I asked her what I could do to get more. She instructed me to email her once a week and ask if there was anything new I could pitch to. This way she said, I would be on her mind more frequently and she would remember me when relevant projects came up that I would be a good fit for. This led to multiple placements that I probably never would have had had I not been actively communicating with my publisher.

EVERY single person I've spoken to in the music licensing business has basically said the same thing - if you want to find out what's going on, just ask. If you've signed your music to a company that's representing you, it means they like your music and want to license it, so go the extra mile and reach out on a regular basis to people you're working with. In my experience, nine out of ten times they'll respond and they'll let you know what they're pitching to. Then if you have something relevant, or if you are able to create something last minute, you'll be able to be pitched for the project. If you don't know about what projects are being pitched to, obviously you won't be in a position to submit your music. So stay in regular contact with the people and places you work with and keep yourself in the loop!