One On One Phone Coaching 

I'm thrilled to now be offering ala carte coaching services for songwriters interested in learning how to license their music in Film and Television.  As a Berklee College of Music Alumnus with over ten years experience licensing my own music and helping others license their music, I have the experience and information to help you get your career to the next level. 

Here are just a few of the things we can discuss in your coaching session:

The Production Quality Of Your Music 

Specific Places You Can Submit Your Music Based On The Style Of Music You Create

Different Types Of Deals

How To Self Publish Your Music

How To Research The Music Needs Of Supervisors

How To Make Contact With Music Licensing Professionals

How To Network With People Working In The Licensing Industry

Anything Else You'd Like To Personally Address

I've done a lot of one on one coaching over the last few years and most of the songwriters I've worked with have told me they've gotten more out of this aspect of my teaching than anything else.  I love connecting with people personally and as much as I feel my programs and books provide a comprehensive education about the music licensing business, there's nothing that can replace being able to interact one on one and have your questions addressed in real time.

My coaching sessions are done over the phone and they're available in half hour, one hour and two hour blocks.  The more time you purchase, the cheaper it is per hour.

Once you purchase your call, I'll email you to set up a time that works for both of us. If you purchase more than a half hour, you can split your call up into multiple calls of a half hour or longer.

Phone Coahing Sessions