When Black Friday Falls You Know It´s Got To Be!

Posted by Aaron Davison on Friday, November 23, 2012 Under: November 2012

Happy Thanksgiving weekend everyone!  

I am sincerely thankful for all of you that regularly read my newsletter, listen and read my interviews and so on.   I´m truly grateful for all of you!

It´s hard to believe it´s already the end of November.  2012 has flown by as usual, but it´s been an amazing year for me personally and I´m even more excited for 2013 and what lies ahead. I hope you are all well and prospering.

I managed to create four new programs this year and I have several more in the works. These new programs I call "master classes" and they each address a very specific aspect of the music licensing business.   

The concept is simple:  I find experts with extensive knowledge of a specific topic that my readers have indicated they would like to learn more about and I create a course that addresses that specific topic in depth.  I split all sales with my collaborators 50/50.  Everybody wins!  You get to learn more about how to make money licensing your music and the musicians helping to educate our community get an extra revenue stream for sharing their knowledge.   These programs have been really well received and I plan on offering these courses on a regular basis.

This weekend, I´m offering all four "master classes" for just $39.97 each.  This is a savings of 20 to 35% off the regular price.   The courses normally sell for $49.97 and up.

Save on any of the following niche courses this weekend only:

How To Make Money With Stock Music Libraries - This is a brand new course led by Canadian based musician Aaron Saloman and faciliated by Aaron Davison.  Learn specific techniques for making money with stock and production music libraries.  100 minute audio course and bonus material.


How To Produce Music That Will Get Licensed And Make You Money - This is the latest in a new series of master classes on specific niches related to the music licensing niche.  This course covers specifically music production and how to produce tracks that are up to industry standards for licensing music in film and television.  This course is led by the renowned producer Gary Gary and facilitated by Aaron Davison.  The course includes a 90 minute long audio portion as well as an hour long six part video series.

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New Course! An Indie Musician's Guide To Film Scoring - Learn all about the world of film scoring in this new course led by Houston based film composer Dave Merson Hess.  Learn how to get started, how to find jobs, how the process of scoring films works, how you get paid and more.

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New Course! The A To Z Of Creating A Music Library - Learn the steps involved in creating and launching your very own music library in this brand new course exclusive to How To License YourMusic.com

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