Three Steps To Licensing Your Music

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There are essentially three steps required in order to successfully license your music.  Everything you need to learn about and act upon in order to license your music is in some way related to these three steps.
The three steps are:
1) Write and produce music that works for licensing  
2) Research who needs the kind of music you make
3) Submit your music to those people.
Wash... Rinse.... Repeat
It's not complicated, but you have to take action. 
When I first started pursuing licensing as a way to make money with my music, my initial efforts to get started were pretty half hearted.  I would submit my music to a place or two and when nothing happened I would get discouraged and stop trying for a few months.  
Eventually I would get inspired enough to try again and I'd submit to a few more places.  I made several weak attempts to get started in the business without any success. But it wasn't until I got really serious about making it happen and decided to submit my music to not just a few places, but a LOT of places, that I eventually succeeded.
My efforts and research led me to a former professor of mine from Berklee College and we eventually agreed to work together.  Even though I signed with just one company, there were a lot of failed attempts and dead ends before I found what turned out to be a good fit for me and my music.

One of the reasons it took me so long to get started was that when I was starting out there wasn't any real clear path for how to get started in the licensing business.  I really had to figure everything out as I went.  I had to do my own research and make my own connections.  It was time consuming and to be honest, pretty frustrating at times.
I probably spent several thousand dollars going to conferences, attending industry events, mailing CDs and so on in order to learn what I needed to learn to get started in the business.  If you factor in what I spent to attend Berklee, the cost goes up to over $60,000.00!
My upcoming 90 day long course, The 90 Day Music Licensing Challenge, is a distillation of everything I've learned over the years about the music licensing business. This is the course I wish was available when I was starting out.
In the program you'll learn everything you need to know to start making money by licensing your music.  You'll learn exactly who to submit your music to and you'll even get two half hour phone consultations with me where I'll address your specific situation. And... you'll spend a LOT less than I did to figure out how to get started!
This Sunday is the last day to sign up if spots are still left.  
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