The Production Quality Of Music That Is Licensed In TV And Films

Posted by Aaron Davison on Friday, October 26, 2012 Under: October 2012
Music supervisors are looking for songs that they can use as is, without re-editing. The quality of your songs, production wise, should be what is considered "broadcast quality". Broadcast quality songs are higher quality than demos, but not necessarily as good as a professional recording. Home studio recordings are fine, but they need to be well produced. All of the songs I have had placed were done in home studios, and most of them were recorded in Pro Tools.
One of the publishers I've worked with has suggested that the quality of productions is as important, if not more important, than the actual song itself. The TV/Film niche of the music business is certainly easier to break into than the recording industry, but it is still competitive. Like in any competitive industry the highest quality product tends to rise to the top. So be sure that the songs you are submitting are well produced.

If there's one thing that I see holding songwriters back from successfully licensing their music more than anything else, it's music production.  Often times when supervisors pass on music they won't tell you why, but it's often times due to poor production.  Even if a song is great and perfect for a scene, if the production isn't up to industry standards it's not going to work.

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