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Today and tomorrow are the last two days to save 20% off my latest niche course, "Mysteries Of Mastering Solved".  If you purchase this course today or tomorrow, May 26th, you'll save 20% off the full price and also receive a free song critique, a free skype coaching session with producer Gary Gray, My program The Music Licensing Starter Kit and Gary Gray's new ebook.  

Visit for more information and to watch a free hour long video from the course.

I created this course with award winning producer Gary Gray.  Gary has written one final blog post about our course below.

Over to you Gary...

First of all, on behalf of Aaron and myself, I want to thank the home studio owners and project studio owners from around the world who have signed up for “Mysteries Of Mastering Solved.” The response has been huge. I had to hire two new people on my staff this week just to help me keep up with the traffic.  I am personally critiquing every track sent to me and personally handling every Skype Consultation. This is actually an incredible benefit to me because I am doing research for a new book, and this one-on-one interaction with producers/engineers, singer/songwriters, and independent musicians from around the world is exactly what is needed to quickly handle international research that would otherwise take a year or more to accomplish.

Here is some of the feedback we are already receiving:

“Just completed the first installment of your Mastering course on Compressors and I have to say I loved it! I wish I had learned this years ago. I've been messing with compressor plug-ins for the past few days so the info you imparted is quite timely and pertinent. I can't wait to finish this email and dive back into the project I'm working on. This is going to be fun. You’re the best!” – Bobby Reed

“ I started to read your e-book and am really gaining invaluable information from what you are sharing. Thank you!” – Irenka

“I am enjoying your course and clarifying my thoughts.

I just have so many tracks rejected (you don't hear back), and a lot of it must be my production.” – Bill Naughton


“I did the animation for the Compressor Video, and that was the most thorough definition of Compressors I ever heard explained, anywhere!” Adam Hoek


“Clear and concise and not too long with visually emotive examples complimenting the explanation.  Now I completely understand how to brick wall limit subtly! Thank you!” Marty Fingus  


“Hi Gary!

“THANK YOU SO MUCH!  This is going to fly off the shelves! 

This music piece sounds great!  I am really glad I met you and Aaron.

I have only showed a few people so far but the owner of asked me if I would consider an exclusive licensing deal already!  You are the man! 

Enjoy the weather!  It's finally "sort of" nice in Wisconsin.

Take care, Nathan” – Nathan Steinke


As you can see, people who are taking the course are taking giant steps forward in their careers.

And speaking of giant steps and careers, I was very fortunate to spend time one-on-one with legendary Producer Steve Lillywhite Wednesday night in Hollywood following a meeting at the National Association of Record Industry Professionals.

Steve has produced U2, Peter Gabriel, The Killers, 30 Seconds To Mars, Rolling Stones, Dave Mathews – etc, and has earned 5 Grammy Awards  

I told Steve about this new Mastering Course, Aaron Davison, and You know what he told me to tell you?  He said, “Tell them this, I’ve made the best records in some of the worst studios in the world and the worst records in some of the best studios in the world. I agree with you, it’s not about the equipment.  It’s about your ears, and your knowledge of how to do your craft. You’ve got to learn your craft, you’ve got to learn it right and learn it well.” – Steve Lillywhite

Steve and I are now in communication by email and talking about future projects.

I encourage you to take this course and learn your craft right and learn your craft well. Aaron and I have made this course available for a ridiculously low cost for one good reason.  We are confident that when you yourself see the results of this education, you will refer your friends and colleagues to We are engaged in expanding the international indie-musician community, mobilizing that community and delivering to that community what it needs and wants.

 Learn more about our course, "Mysteries Of Mastering Solved" here:

If anyone has any questions I can always be contacted at  Aaron and I are here to help you succeed.


Good luck!


Gary Gray

Los Angeles, California

May 2013

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