Pursuing A Music Career After 40

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This post is for my middle aged and over readers.  If you’re not in this group, I’d suggest reading this post anyway to get a better idea of how to plan ahead for the inevitable changes in your approach to your music career that await.  Whether you like it or not, you will get older, and it’s important to think about what kind of lifestyle you want to lead, five, ten and even twenty years from now.  What works for you now, might not work for you in the future.  If you don’t plan for the future, it’s very easy to get caught off guard. With all the uncertainty that comes with pursuing something like a career in music, it’s that much more important to plan ahead.

I turned forty a few weeks ago.  In many ways, I don’t really feel that different than I did when I was twenty and just coming “out of the gate” so to speak.  I still love listening to, writing and playing music.  I still have a strong sense of passion about playing and writing music.  I’m still pursuing and chasing many of the same experiences I was 20 years ago.

However, I am clearly at a different place in my life.  Although many of my passions and goals have not changed, my priorities are different.  For example, although I still love playing guitar and writing music, the idea of getting in a van and traveling around the country or world playing my music, isn’t quite as exciting as it once was. I still love playing music live, and I still love traveling, but I crave more stability than when I was younger.  

I find it much easier to maintain a healthy routine when I have a home base. I’m able to excersize, maintain relationships, get a good night’s sleep and so on, much more easily when I am in one place.  Although making music and making money from music is as much a goal of mine as ever, I go about it much different ways.

For example, last year I played about 150 live shows, a record for me.  But most of the shows were in about a 30 mile radius from each other.  By staying in one area, more or less, I was able to maintain my desired lifestyle but still grow as a performing musician.

My licensing income fluctuates from year to year, but by working with other musicians via this site and my music marketing service, I’ve been able to increase my overall income and help other musicians at the same time. Licensing is a great way to make money because you can do it from anywhere, on your own terms. As you get older, It’s nice to know that you have income coming in that doesn’t require you to travel to another city or state to earn.

My life doesn’t look exactly like I imagined it when I set out to pursue a career in music over twenty years ago.  But I’m happy with how things are.  My only regret, in hindsight, is not pursuing things like licensing and publishing earlier.  I had all my eggs in the “forming a band and touring” basket for so long, that I neglected to pursue other ways of making money with music until relatively late in the game. 

The good news is that it’s really never too late to pursue licensing your music.  There are no age limits or time restrictions.  If you’re writing and recording your music anyway, why not start making money from it?

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