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Posted by Aaron Davison on Sunday, February 23, 2014 Under: February 2014
When  pitching directly to music supervisors keep in mind that depending on what project they're currently working on, their needs are going to be constantly changing.  This is why it's not a good idea to just randomly pitch your music to supervisors.  Always check first to see what project they're currently working on and what their current music needs are.

Here's a copy of the actual template I use when emailing supervisors for the first time:


My name is Aaron Davison.  I represent several artists making music in a variety of genres.  Just checking to see what your current needs are and if you're open to hearing a few of the artists I work with.  Please let me know if you're looking for anything specific and what the best way is to submit music to you.

Many thanks,
Aaron Davison"

It's short and to the point.  There's no need to write really long winded emails the first time you make contact with someone.  Just introduce yourself and see if they are in need of anything and find out what the best way is to submit your music.  That's it.  

Keep in mind that supervisors are busy and typically get a lot of inquiries about music needs.  The easier you can make it for them to respond the better.   Keep it short and sweet!

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