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Posted by Aaron Davison on Monday, September 17, 2012 Under: September 2012

In the last few weeks I've been notifed of six different placements for artists I represent via my music marketing company, Renegade Music Marketing. Several were for MTV shows, two were placed in a new Heineken ad and another was placed in a Canadian television show.

The one thing all these placements have in common is that I initially pitched the artists for these opportunities months ago and in a couple cases over a year ago.  It took quite a while for the initial "seeds" I planted to come to fruition.  This is fairly common.

Sometimes things in this business happen quickly.  Sometimes you find out about just the right opportunity at just the right time and things unfold quickly and smoothly.  But usually, in my experience at least, things take more time.  Normally it takes awhile for your efforts to pay off.  Sometimes it feels like you're not making any progress and then all of sudden.... one placement.... then another.... then another!

I've talked before about the concept of creating a music licensing pipeline.  The idea is that you keep feeding music into the pipeline and eventually it will come out the other side in terms of placements, revenue and exposure.

The trick is to not get discouraged when it feels like nothing is happening.  Keep making and writing new music.  Keep honing your craft. Keep pitching your music to publishers, supervisors and libraries. Keep getting better and keep feeding the pipeline.  Eventually the seeds you plant will grow!

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