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In a couple days I'll be announcing details of my latest niche course, "Mysteries Of Mastering Solved".   This course was created in collaboration with producer Gary Gray.

I'm really excited about this course because in addition to being a really important subject, Gary and I have put a LOT of work into this course.  We started working on this several months ago and have created what I think is one of, if not the most comprehensive course available on the topic of mastering music as it relates to the music licensing industry.  More details on that soon!

During the many conversations I've had with Gary about music and production over the last year or so, Gary has brought up his "friend" Quincy Jones a lot.  Gary is always saying "Quincy this" and "Quincy that".   Or "I was over at Quincy's last night and Quincy said this"....  Or "one of the things Quincy always says is" .... You get the idea.   Now to be honest, if I was friends with one of the world's most important and legendary music producers, I'd probably talk about him too!  As a music producer, it doesn't get much better than that. Imagine being able to hang with someone like Quincy Jones who has been living and breathing music his whole life and has worked with many of the world's most iconic performers.

Now the other day when I was talking to Gary it occured to me that I really had know proof that Gary really had ever even met Quincy Jones, let alone been to his house and hung out with him.  Gary had sent me a couple photos of him and Quincy together, but that could have just been at some sort of meet and greet event or even photos that were photo shopped for all I know!  Now dont' get me wrong, I totally trust Gary and never really doubted him.  But when we were talking the other day I sort of jokingly said, "Gary, do you really know ""Quincy"?  "Are you sure you're not just hanging out with someone claiming to be Quincy Jones".  I really was just joking.   But a couple days later Gary sent me not one, but two home videos he shot with Quincy in his home and studio!  

Now the quality isn't the greatest, these are just home videos that I'm assuming Gary shot with his smart phone when they were hanging out.  But I thought I'd share them with you because they provide a really cool glimpse into Quincy's home and studio, and at last, I finally have proof that Gary really does know Quincy Jones!  

So check these videos out!

This one is Gary and Quincy in Quincy's Home Studio:

And this one is an even longer video of Gary and Quincy hanging out in Quincy's house talking about music and cultures around the world:

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