How To Turn One Song Into Five (And Make Five Times The Money)

Posted by Aaron Davison on Wednesday, May 16, 2012 Under: May 2012

I just finished a brand new course specifically on how to make money from stock production music libraries with a musician from Canada who makes great money specifically from this niche.  I'm really excited! This is the first in a series of new courses I'll be offering on very specific niches within the music licensing business.  This particular course is two hours long and packed with really specific advice and instruction on how to make money specifically with production music. More on that soon....

Today I thought I'd share one of the many great ideas from the course on how you can make money with stock music libraries.  This particular niche works differently than working with music publishers and supervisors do and there are different ways to earn money in this niche that are unique to stock music.

For example, when you're uploading your tracks to stock music libraries, why not create multiple versions of each track you upload to earn even more revenue.  That's what Aaron Saloman does, the musician who I created the "stock music" course with.  For each track Aaron uploads to the different sites he works with, Aaron creates an instrumental version, a 30 second version, a 60 second version and when applicable a "stinger" which is a short, several second part of the track used to transition between scenes.

Aaron says these extra versions almost always end up selling in addition to the regular versions and he multiplies the income he generates from his music as much as five times by this one simple technique!  Awesome! It's so simple yet so powerful!

I'll have more information next week on the course I did with Aaron.  We're still putting on the finishing touches...  More info soon!

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