How To Make A Quantum Leap With Your Music Career

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Have you ever wished you could make a quantum leap with your music career?  Have you ever felt like you know you could get somewhere with your music if you could just get some momentum going?  If you’re like me, then I’m sure you’ve had these feelings.  As exciting as pursuing a music career can be, it can also be daunting, frustrating and confusing.  With so many different possible ways to get your music out to people it can sometimes be overwhelming.  With so many choices and options for promoting our music it’s sometimes hard to do anything at all.

Since my site and newsletter focus on licensing, I’m going to stick to the topic of licensing and how to move forward quickly, or at least more quickly.  But this same approach can really be applied to any aspect of your music career, whether it’s promoting your CD online, booking gigs, getting airplay or any aspect of your career that requires prolonged focus (they all do!).

A Question

Let me ask you a question.   Think back over the last year or so.   How many different opportunities to license your music have you sought out?  Have you been pursuing new places and channels to sell and license your music every day?  Every other day?  Once a week?  Could you be doing more?  A little more?  A lot more?

I think often times musicians are so paralyzed by the seemingly endless array of companies and people and places to submit music to that they end up not doing anything at all.  With so many players in the industry, where do you even start.

Think Small To Get Big

I like to break things down into small, easy bite size chunks.  If I think too long term it makes my head hurt.  With so many variables and unknowns in the music business it’s really not helpful to think too far ahead.  Instead I like to break goals and actions down into monthly, weekly and daily steps that I know can manage.

And what I know I can manage are the things that are in my control.  I can’t make people like or buy my music.  But I can make them at least listen to it. Ok maybe I can’t make them, but I can actively give people an opportunity to hear my music.  And I can do this on a regular basis.  This is empowering to me because even though at the end of the day whether or not people like my music and license my music is outside of my control, what’s not outside of control is how proactive I am in taking the steps I know I need to take to make money with my music.

You can clearly take this approach as well.  If you’re making music that is of high quality and you want to monetize it, you can actively pursue companies and places that license music.  The more often you do this, the greater your chances of success will be.  Small consistent action taken over time leads to big results.  In the same way if you want a great body you can’t expect to go to the gym once and get a perfect body, you can’t expect to just dabble in licensing and get great results. 


The 90 Day Music Licensing Challenge

Today is the start of my 90 Day Music Licensing Challenge.  Every day for 90 days myself and others participating in the program will be submitting our music to 90 different places that license music. 

If you haven’t yet signed up for the program, but would like to, there’s still one more day to sign up.  I’m extending the registration deadline until midnight tonight eastern time. 

Register here:

If you don’t have the funds to participate in the program, but would like to take your own 90 Day Challenge, I encourage you to create your own 90 Day Challenge.  Use our directory to find leads if you’d like:

Or search for leads for free on Google.

Post your results on my free forum:

Connect with other members and let us know about your results.

I can’t guarantee that you’ll immediately have success by participating in this program or doing your own, because I of course can’t control the quality of music you’re creating or how consistently you’re submitting and following up with my leads.  But what I can guarantee you is that if you don’t do anything, nothing will happen, 100% of the time.

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