How "Good" Should Your Tracks Be?

Posted by Aaron Davison on Friday, April 5, 2013 Under: April 2013

I recently was working with one of my clients who is trying to get their music licensed.  This client asked me an interesting question.   He has tracks that are pretty strong but they’re not quite ready as is.  He asked me if I thought it was a “good idea” to finish mixing and mastering his tracks before he starts trying to license them.  My response was that it was sort of like a guitar maker asking if they should put a headstock on their guitar before trying to sell it.  Should you “finish”mixing and mastering your tracks?  Of course!

If you are a freelance songwriter trying to license your own music, you are in business and you are creating a product.  Your music is your product.  Your music and your “product” need  to be finished and ready to be presented to the marketplace WHEN YOU PRESENT IT.  In the same way a guitar manufacturer or a car manufacturer or any other manufacturer can’t send out incomplete and unfinished products and expect people to buy them, you can’t either! 

Whose job is it to know when your product is finished?  It’s your job.  It’s not the publisher’s job, it’s not the supervisor’s job, it’s not your mom’s job…. It’s yours.  You need to know what the industry standards are for music that is licensed and you need to know and be confident that your music meets those standards.

How do you know when your music is ready?  The same way you would make this determination for any other industry.  You research the market.  You listen to music that is being licensed and listen to what shows and what supervisors are picking for their productions.  Stylistically there are a lot of variables and trends change.  But production quality remains the same in the sense that it always need to “great” and needs to be what’s considered “broadcast quality”.

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