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Here's one last final guest post from producer Gary Gray before we officially release our course "Mysteries Of Mastering Solved" next week.  The course will be officially released on Tuesday, May 21st but is now available for pre-order between now and then.  If you pre-order the course we're including several free bonuses including a free critique of one of your tracks from Gary Gray as well as a Skype consultation with Gary.

This course really turned out great! I say that about all my courses, but seriously, this course is amazing and packed with over four hours of incredible content. If you're at all interested in learning how to improve your tracks for licensing opportunities, I strongly encourage you to check out this course.  Gary has decided to make one of the videos from the course free to preview (see below).  I actually was hesitant to make this video available for free but Gary really wants everyone to get a feel for the quality and amount of detail included in our new course.

Check this video out below to see the quality of the content included in our course.   

Pre-Order "Mysteries Of Mastering Solved" here:

Gary, over to you...

It's a truth to say that great mixes, not mastered, can easily fail in the licensing world. 

It's also a truth to say that not-so-great mixes, which then get mastered, also easily fail in the licensing world.

And deducing one step further - a poor recording job mixed and mastered by the best will suffer in the end and again, will easily fail in the licensing world. 

Moral of this story?

In order to succeed in getting your music licensed you've got to know the true basic fundamental laws, theory and techniques regarding all three: 

And Mastering. 

To start you on your way, I've produced a video which covers the first two points, Recording and Mixing; which is part of the course "Mysteries Of Mastering Solved."  The full course will be released Next Week. Aaron and I have decided to make this video available to you now, for free. This is an hour long video called "Session Routing Architecture - How To Set Up A Workable Template." This video gives you a strong foundation on how to Record and Mix to Major Label Industry Standards without ever leaving your Home Studio.  100% of this course was video'd, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered in my own Home Studio. And if you're thinking I've got some fancy million dollar Home Studio (I wish!) I don't. In fact, I will bet you right now that many of your studios are better than mine!  And that's the whole point of this course.  It's not about the equipment, its' about knowing your trade. Aaron and I are concentrating on making great Producers and Engineers out of you, not on selling gear. We wanted to share this information with you immediately so that you can start improving your chances for licensing success right away. You won't find this information anywhere else in any other course. This is a ground-breaking, myth-busting, look into techniques used by top pros behind closed doors.  . 

The other two/thirds of the course deal mostly with MASTERING. And this is what will ultimately separate those who will be able to compete effectively in securing licensing deals from those who will have a much harder time at it. 

So, as a gift from Aaron and me, enjoy this Free Video below!  (There is a detailed digital poster "schematic" illustration of how to set up your sessions which accompanies this video which comes with the course)

Recording, Mixing and Mastering your music to Music Supervisor standards for licensing includes knowing and following an exact scientific approach to production, (which you will absolutely learn on the full course) along with your unique, individual artistic creativity (no one can teach you that, but if you know and apply the technical part of your trade without frustration and without wasted time and effort, you will be free to create to your full potential!)

During recent market research to selected markets around the world, I received some great feedback on the course.  After helping a member, Nathan Steinke, with one of his projects, following the principals and guidelines in the course, here is the feedback I received from him within 24 hours of completing his first track applying these new principles and techniques:

Hi Gary!

"THANK YOU SO MUCH!  This is going to fly off the shelves! 
This music piece sounds great!  I am really glad I met you and Aaron.
I have only showed a few people so far but the owner of asked me if I would consider an exclusive licensing deal already!  You are the man! 
Enjoy the weather!  It's finally "sort of" nice in Wisconsin.
Take care, Nathan"

So, as you can see, this course is specifically designed to teach you, without other disrelated subjects, how to get your recordings up to the standards necessary to get LICENSING DEALS. 
As I said, the course itself will be released Next Week and we're making it available at a ridiculously low price. The course will be officially released on Tuesday, May 21st, but you can pre-order the course between now and then and also receive a free critique of one of your recordings as well as a free Skype consultation.

Pre-Order the course here:

Our maiin goal is building a strong international base of educated and successful Independent Musicians, Singer, Songwriters, Producers, Composers and Engineers.  We believe that you will be so satisfied with the knowledge and techniques that you learn on this course, and with your success in applying it, that you will direct more and more of your friends and fellow musicians to  This has been our successful strategy so far and as they say, if something is working, keep it going!

Good Luck!
Gary Gray
Los Angeles, California
May 2013

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