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Posted by Aaron Davison on Tuesday, March 27, 2012 Under: March 2012
Here's another great example of music used in television.  This scene is from an episode of the TV Show Navy NCIS. During this scene the characters are discussing performing an autopsy on a deceased body while Android Lust's song "Stained" plays in the background.  The character Abby even mentions "Android Lust" by name in the beginning of the scene.  I've included the lyrics below the video. Notice how the imagery the lyrics of this song evoke fit perfectly with the nature of the subject matter of the scene.  Although the song is not about an autopsy per se, the imagery of dead bodies, blood and infection are a perfect match!

"Stained" by Android Lust
 I stand corrected
Guess it just wasn't meant to be
I know I'm maladjusted 
Crushed what's inside of me
I know of no remedy
I know not how to cease
This feeling of hate in me 
I just want to see you bleed
I know what I want 
I want to stop seeing red
I know what I want
I just want to see you dead
I don't want your explanation
I really couldn't care less
I've got my own reminder
This scar across my breast
You are a faker any way
Ever up for a quick release
Infect everyone around you
Cover up your own disease
I know what I want 
I want to stop seeing red
I know what I want 
I just want to see you dead 


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