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Tomorrow is the last day to save on the upcoming 90 Day Summer Music Licensing Challenge.  Save $50.00 off the full registration price if you register today or tomorrow.
The 90 Day Summer Music Licensing Challenge is a 90 Day long program designed to propel your music licensing career forward in just 90 days!
Do you want extensive training about the music licensing business that will teach you how to start making money with your music this summer?  This program will help you do just that. 
Do you want to get your music in front of industry decision makers who are looking for music this Summer and Fall?  This program will help you do that too.  
Do you want extensive one on one coaching with someone who has been working in the music licensing business for ten years (me)?  This program also includes that!
The 90 Day Music Licensing Challenge is a fun and educational program that will help you kickstart your music licensing career in just three months.
Here's what's included:
-Two one on one half hour phone consultations with me
-Email coaching throughout the entire program
-90 daily licensing leads of specific places to submit your music
-30 BRAND NEW, never before seen video tutorials covering everything you need to know about the music licensing business and how you can successfully license your own music.
-10 audio interviews with music publishers, supervisors, producers and songwriters working full time in the music licensing business.
-Member's Only Forum (connect with other participants)
-Submission Manager 
-The 2012 TV And Film Music Business Directory
-A Songwriter's Guide To Music Licensing Ebook
-The A To Z Of Music Licensing Audio Program
-Sample Licensing Contracts
-The Music Licensing Newsletter Compendium
Sign Up Today!
Are you a good candidate for the program?  
Not sure if you're a good fit for the 90 Day Challenge? Here's what you need in order to take full advantage of the program:
1) Music that is ready (or close) to be licensed -  You'll learn everything you need to know about how to write and produce music that will meet the standards of music licensing professionals throughout the program, but in order to take advantage of the music licensing leads that are a part of the program, you'll need music that is ready to be pitched.  If you're on the fence about this, I suggest you start with my program, The A To Z Of Music Licensing, and work on getting your music up to speed first.
2) A half hour to hour daily to devote to the program - In order to get the most out of the program, you'll need a half hour to an hour daily to submit to the leads, listen to the material and so on....  All the information and leads are "drip fed" to you over the course of 90 days, so you'll have plenty of time to digest everything.  But you'll still need a little bit of time every day to dedicate to the program to get the most out of it.
3) A willingess to learn - My programs work, See testimonials here) but you have to be willing to do the steps outlined in the program.  Only sign up if you're ready to take action!
Are you ready to take the challenge? Today and tomorrow are the last days to save $50.00 off the full registration price.
Sign up here: 
What To Expect From The Program? Will I license my music in 90 days?
A frequent question I get is "will this program get my music licensed in 90 days" or some varation of this.  
There are really three variables at play that will determine the results you get:
1) Your Music
2) How Much Effort You Put Into The Program
3) The Music Needs Of The People You're Pitching To
Several past particiapants have licensed their music within 90 Days.  One musician had a song placed on a European commercial.  Another musician informed me that he had about a dozen songs "bought out" by a company and made several thousand dollars upfront.  Another musician had a song placed in an indie surfing documentary.   And many more have had deals come about after the program ends, weeks or months later.
This program is designed to connect you with people who can get your music licensed.  There is no set time frame for getting your first deal, but the bottom line is that the more connected and informed you are, the sooner it will happen.  This program is about expediting the process of getting your music to the right people and learning the ins and outs of the business as you go.
So are you ready already? Let's do this!  I anticipate the program will sell out, so sign up now if you want to take part:

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