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Today I´m going to discuss a type of licensing deal know as a ´"buyout deal". Buyout deals are somewhat similar to signing exclusive contracts with music publishers, however in the case of the ¨buyout¨ deal you are a paid an upfront fee per track for exclusive rights to representing your music within the context of the music licensing industry. You will also receive the same performance royalties for songs that are broadcast on television. These royalties can be small for obscure uses or well into the hundreds or thousands of dollars per use for prime time network TV.

Buyout fees range from $150 to $1000, and they typically reside in the $300-500range per track.  Many libraries will ask that you make edited versions of each track they buy the rights to, such as a version without a lead instrument and some libraries ask for 30 and 60 second cues. If the library has to do work editing the track for you, it may result in a reduced fee. $300-500 might not sound like a lot for a song that took months to write and produce, but consider that production music does not necessarily have to be your ´´bohemian rhapsody´´. Often times the feel of the track is what´s really important for background production music.

Buyout deals are ideal if you can pitch a collection of songs that are similar stylistically. For example a collection of songs that are all instrumental metal or a collection of songs that are instrumental acoustic guitar. 

If you're looking for a deal like this, there is an extensive list of music libraries in the TV/Film Music Industry Directory that I offer. My prefered approach for submitting music to libraries, either when pitching my own music or those of my clients through my company Renegade Music Marketing, is to check each company´s website when listed for their submission policy.  If there isn´t info listed then simply call and ask how you can submit music.  Generally if they´re open to hearing new submissions they will be forthcoming with this information.

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Here's what people are saying about my program:

Hi Aaron, 

My name is Alexy, a Canadian recording artist/producer from Montreal. I'm emailing you today to thank you for your 90 day challenge program, which I participated in last year and through which I have successfully created a great deal of industry connections and contacts, as well as having one of my songs placed in three episodes of a new Nickelodeon series called "Hollywood Heights". I have since recommended your program to many other artists seeking to get their foot in the door when it comes to licensing. I am very great-full for your work, because without it I would not have the knowledge and opportunities I have today.  



I want to thank you for your program.  Your tutorials and information has led to a placement in a film "Living Will" starring Ryan Dunn of "Jackass".   It was due to the the steps and information you provided that helped with this placement.  I will use your program as a Music Licensing Bible.  

Thanks Aaron. 
Timonthy Byrd

" I wanted to let you know that I've been following your 90 day program for the last  21 days and already got a song placement for a European national TV commercial. I submitted 5 songs on the 20th of May for this particular library and got a placement and a track usage report on the 24th of May. They took my 2:52 song and are making a 30 second commercial out of it...totally cool! You are the best, my friend.

Stan Tristan


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