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The 2011 TV/Film Music Business Directory - Just click on the link to download the PDF version of the directory.  The directory is updated fairly regularly, so be sure to check back every couple months or so for updated listings.

A Songwriter's Guide To Music Licensing Ebook - This ebook covers, in written form, pretty much everything you need to know to start licensing your music. 

How To License Your Music Audio Program 

The how to audio program can be streamed below or you can download the entire program and playback on any device you'd like.

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How I Got Started: 


Why Your Music Is Needed: 


Getting Paid: 


Copyrighting Your Music: 


Production Quality: 


How To Submit Your Music: 


Music Publishers: 


Music Supervisors: 


Music Placement Companies: 


Production Libraries: 


Buyout Deals: 


90 Day Challenge:


Business Etiquette:


How Your Music Will Be Used:


Licensing Your Music:


Passive Income:


 Licensing Your Music:


Passive Music: 




The Power Of Networking: 


Music In Video Games:




 How To Start Your Own Publishing Company:


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Michael Redman Interview

Michael Redman is the founder of My Music Source.com.  In this interview Michael shares some really great insights about the music licensing business based on his many years of working in the industry as a songwriter, composer, engineer and in his new role as the owner of My Music Source.com. 




Interview with Darko Saric

Darko is an instrumental music composer who has had his music used in a variety of TV shows.  Darko shares many great insights about the music licensing industry during this great interview.  Check it out here:

Darko Saric.mp3

Interview With John Buckman

John is the owner of a company called Magnatune. During this interview John shares what it really takes to succeed in the music licensing business today. Check out the interview below:


Performing Rights Organizations
In order to get paid for music you license you will need to join what is called a performing rights organization.  In the US the three main PRO's are as follows:




I personally belong to ASCAP and they have never NOT paid me for a song that I've had placed.  They all function a little differently, so be sure to check their respective web sites for more information.

International Performing Rights Organizations
If you live outside of the US you can still license your music in the US and get paid.  Both Ascap and  BMI have reciprocal relationships with all of the major performing rights organizations around the world and collect money for US based performances and distribute them to whatever PRO the writer belongs to.

Conversely, if you are a US based writer and your music is used in a foreign market, both ASCAP and BMI collect these royalties on behalf of their writers as well.

Here is a list of international Performing Rights Organizations.  If you're country isn't listed here, please let me know, and if they have one I will be sure to find and include the information here.

Australia And New Zealand APRA- http://www.apra-amcos.com.au/




SOCAN (Canada) - http://www.socan.ca

formerly PROCAN and CAPAC

South America

Sample Contracts - Below are two examples of actual publishing agreements.  Both agreements are non exclusive.  The first is an example of a publishing agreement where the publisher takes 50% of the publishing royalty and the second is an agreement that gives 100% of the publishing royalty to the publisher. Please keep in mind that the publishing royalty only represents one half of the entire performance royalty.  The overall royalty has both a publisher half and writer half. 

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Access every article about the music licensing business I've ever written here.

This program contains everything you need to know to license your music.  Now that you know how the business works, it's up to you to take this information and apply it!  I wish you the best of luck on your journey!


Aaron Davison