Learn How To Get Your Songs Placed In TV and Films And Generate Substantial Income From Your Music.  

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Learn How To Get Your Songs Placed In TV and Films And Generate Substantial Income From Your Music. 

An Insider's Guide To Music Licensing Ebook
How To Get Your Songs In TV, Films And Video Games
By Aaron Davison  

This brand new in depth guide to music licensing is geared towards songwriters interested in music licensing.  If you write music and you're interested in learning how to get your music into TV, Films, Video Games and more, this ebook will show you how.  This new 204 page ebook from Berklee Alumnus Aaron Davison covers: 

Why Your Music Is Needed
Why Licensing Your Music Is Much Easier Than Getting A Record Deal
Getting Paid 
How Much Money You Can Make By Licensing Your Music
How To Diversify Your Musical Portfolio And Make More Money
Performing Rights Organizations And How They Work
How To License Your Music Internationally
Why Musicians Should Actively Pursue Music Licensing Opportunities
How To Get Your Music Into Film and Television
Publishing Royalties Explained
What Happens When You Publish Your Music
Self Publishing Your Music
Tips For Getting Your Songs Placed In TV and Films
Bonus Interview Section
Non Exclusive Re-Titling Deals
Creatng A Passive Income Stream
Finding The Right Music Library Or Music Publisher For You
Small Publishers VS Large Libraries
How Co-Writing Deals Work
Business Etiquette In The Music Licensing Business
A Proven Script For Calling Music Licensing Companies
How To Make Contact With Music Libraries And Music Publishers
Cultivating Relationships That Will Lead To Success
The 90 Day Challenge
Cue Sheets Explained
Buyout Library Deals
Royalty Free Music
Music Used In Commercials
Writing Ad Jingles
Exclusive VS Non Exclusive Contracts
Copyrighting Your Music
Music Clearance Defined
How Licensing Your Music Can Move Your Career Forward
Instrumental Versions Of Your Songs
Music Licensing And The Future Of The Music Business
How To Stay Motivated As A Songwriter
And Much More! 
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An Insider's Guide To Music Licensing Ebook

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