Affiliate Program

Join my affiliate program and earn a fifty percent commission on all sales you generate for my program about the music licensing business, The A To Z Of Music Licensing, which sells for $29.97.

f you have a music industry related website this would be an ideal program to implement.  I have a very high conversion rate and with millions of musicians online there are endless opportunites. 

How To Join My Affiliate Program:

I use to track all affiliate sales.  You'll need to create an account at Clickback in order to promote my products. Clickbank is free to join. To sign up CLICK HERE

Once you create an account at Clickbank you will be issued a unique ID that will track all of your sales.  I pay a 50% commission on all of my products.  The tracking cookie is good for 60 days, which means that if you refer someone to my website and they buy any of my products within 60 days you will receive credit and a 50% commission.

You are welcome to use any of my articles to promote the program.  Just be sure to embed your unique affiliate link with a "call to action" in your marketing.  Access my articles here.