"Awesome course Aaron!  I've been using your products and services for a while now and thought I learned more than enough to successfully license my music.  However, after listening to just a few topics from your new course, I slowly realized there was still much more to learn.  This is exactly the kind of in depth information I had been searching for. Thank you for offering such an amazing deal for this course and all the great free bonus material.  It's definitely worth a lot more!"

Michael James

Learn Advanced Strategies For How To License More Music And Make More Money!

What You'll Learn Inside "Advanced Music Licensing Strategies":

How To Research The Marketplace

  How To Find Out About New Projects

Tips On Networking Online Vs Offline

How To Balance Exclusive Deals And Non Exclusive Deals To Maximize Placements

How To Be Part Of The 5% Of Artists That Get The Most Placements

How To Approach Music Supervisors Directly

How To Negotiate Fees

How To Be Professional In The Music Licensing Business

How To Find Interns And Assistants

A Realistic Time Frame For Achieving Success 

A Simple Way To Organize And Track Your Submissions

The Important Distinction Between "Artist Music" And "Production Music"

The Importance Of Creating Synergy With Other Musicians

... And Much More!


About The Course:

"Advanced Music Licensing Strategies" is a 60 minute audio course taught by How To License Your Music.com founder, Aaron Davison. This course goes into advanced strategies for how to license more music and achieve more success licensing music.  This course is designed for musicians looking to do licensing full time. It's suggested that you first review "The A To Z Of Music Licensing" prior to purchasing "Advanced Music Licensing Strategies" to cover the basics of music licensing.  "Advanced Music Licensing Strategies" is designed for musicians already familiar with the basics of how the business works.

The course is instantly accessible online and features a 60 minute long audio program, a supplemental PDF file with additional resources and a free half hour bonus audio interview with Aaron Davison.  This course is the most advanced, stand alone course How To License Your Music.com offers on music licensing.

About Aaron Davison

Aaron Davison is a Berklee College of Music Alumnus and songwriter.  Aaron has been working in the music licensing business since 2002 and his music has been heard on a variety of tv shows, web ads, indie films and more.  In 2007 Aaron launched How To License Your Music.com, an online resource for musicians who want to learn how to license their music.  Since then Aaron has developed a reputation as one of the leading experts on the topic of music licensing.  He has helped dozens of clients get their music licensed in a wide range of projects including shows on 

MTV, VH1, SPIKE TV, FUSE TV, Oxygen Network, The CW, The Young And The Restless, The New Beverly Hills 90210, several feature films and much more.

Here's what you'll get when you purchase "Advanced Music Licensing Strategies":

1) 60 minute audio course - Download high quality mp3 files to listen when and where you'd like.

2) Free PDF section listing additional resources.

3) Free Bonus Interview With Aaron Davison being interviewed about music licensing.

4) Free "Submission Tracker" spreadsheet to track your music submissions.

 Advanced Music Licensing Strategies
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