Learn Step By Step Methods To License Your Music In Film And Television In A 90 Day Long Program That Combines One On One Coaching, Video Tutorials, 90 Daily Licensing Leads And Much More!


" I wanted to let you know that I've been following your 90 day program for the last  21 days and already got a song placement for a European national TV commercial. I submitted 5 songs on the 20th of May for this particular library and got a placement and a track usage report on the 24th of May. They took my 2:52 song and are making a 30 second commercial out of it...totally cool! You are the best, my friend.

Stan Tristan

How It Works:

The 90 Day Music Licensing Challenge is a 90 day long course and program that combines one on one coaching via phone and email, 90 daily music licensing leads, in depth video tutorials, interviews with music licensing professionals and even more training materials. 

Here is a breakdown of what the course includes: 

Two Half Hour Private Phone Consultation ($100.00 Value) - We'll touch base one on one during the first week of the program to discuss your specific situation and address any questions you have about how to get started. I'll also provide a critique of your music and provide specific feedback about your tracks upon request. Then, at the end of the program, we'll touch base one more time to discuss your results and steps you need to take going forward.

Free Email Coaching/Support  ($150.00 Value) - Throughout the duration of the course all of the students who enroll in the course will also receive unlimited access to me via email to address additional questions/concerns. This is a great resource in the event that you encounter obstacles throughout the 90 day challenge.  If any issues come up you need help with, just email me!  I'll respond to your questions within 24 hours.

Bi-weekly Training Video And Audio Tutorials ($100.00 Value) - Twice a week throughout the 90 day course you'll receive access to a new training video on a different topic of the music licensing business.  These videos (26 in all) are all brand new, high quality videos. Each video is between four and 30 minutes long and each video covers different specific aspects of the music licensing business, including the types of deals you'll encounter, music production, business etiquette, co-writing deals, how to submit your music, how to prepare your tracks and much more.  Each video goes into depth about a different aspect of the music licensing business.

Daily leads ($100.00 Value) - Every day for 90 days I will email you a specific lead of a company you can submit your music to. Each lead will list the company name, a company bio, contact name and information on how to submit your music. These are all companies I've personally researched that I've confirmed are accepting submissions.  Obviously getting your music into the right hands is half the battle and submitting your music on a regular basis to the right people is the way to win that battle.  As you're learning more and more about how the music licensing business works you'll also be submitting your music directly to industry decision makers!

Access To A to Z Of Music Licensing with Industry Directory ($39.97 Value) - Everyone who enrolls in my course will receive free access to my course on the music licensing industry, The A To Z Of Music Licensing. The A To Z Of Music Licensing Includes:

How To Audio Program -  Covers All The Technical And How To Information Of The Music Licensing Business From A - Z.
Topics Include:

Copyrighting Your Music
What To Say When You Make Contact
Who To Contact
What To Say When You Make Contact
Music Licensing
Music Publishers
Music Supervisors
What To Say When You Make Contact
Styles Of Music That Are Used
Perfoming Rights Organizations
Production Quality Issues
Types Of Deals
How Licensing Fees Work
How Music Royalties Work
Why Your Music Is Needed
Music In Video Games
Types Of Writing Assignments
Tips For Increasing Your Chances Of Getting Your Songs Placed
How To License Music Internationally
Subject Matter.... and more! 

Three Audio Interviews With Music Licensing Professionals!

Interview With Michael Redman
 -  Michael Is The Founder Of My Music Source.com - In This Audio Interview Michael Covers Many Different Aspects Of  The Music Licensing Business - Learn What It Takes To Succeed Directly From An Industry Insider!

Interview With Darko Saric - Darko is an instrumental composer whose music has been heard in a wide variety of television programs.  During this audio interview Darko discusses what it's like as a songwriter working in the music licensing industry and shares many great insights into how to get started in the music licensing business.

Audio Interview With John Buckman - John is the owner of a company called Magnatune. Magnatune both sells music directly to consumers and also licenses music to TV, Film, Ad Agencies, etc. During this audio interview John explains what it takes to succeed in this competitive industry. Learn directly from someone who is on the front lines of the music licensing business. 


All The Audio Files in the program are accesible as both streaming audio files or as downloadable Mp3's that are compatible with your Ipod or other portable mp3 players.

A Songwriter's Guide To Music Licensing Ebook ($19.99 Value) - This ebook sells separately for $19.99 and is included at no extra cost as a part of The 90 Day Challenge.  This 50 page ebook goes in depth into how the music licensing business works and how you can start licensing your songs in Film and Television.  Available as a PDF file.

Sample Licensing Contracts ($9.99 Value- Learn how actual deals are structured in the sample contract section.  See actual real world examples of different licensing contracts!

The 2014 TV And Film Music Licensing Directory ($39.97 Value) - The 2014 TV And Film Directory contains listing for over 1,600 supervisors, publishers, libraries and more all working in the music licensing industry. Contact music licensing industry insiders directly with this valuable tool.

Features of The Directory:

Focused Exclusively On The TV/Film and Video Game Market   
400 Pages of Contact Information
Comprehensive List Of Music Libraries
Comprehensive List Of Music Publishers
Comprehensive List Of Music Departments For Film And Television
Comprehensive List Of Music Supervisors
Comprehensive List Of Video Game Departments
Save Hours and Hours of Valuable Time
Instant Access Online As PDF File
Know Exactly Who To Contact

Submission Spreadsheet Track all of the submissions you make throughout the 90 Day program in the new  submission manager!  Everyone who enrolls in the 90 Day Summer Challenge will have access to the new submission manager.  You'll be able to track where your submissions have gone, to who and what actions you need to take with the Submission Manager.  Organization is key and this new tool makes staying on top of your submissions a cinch!

"I took Aaron's 90 Day Challenge and had my music accepted into at least a dozen libraries.  I am now receiving payments from two of them.  I am taking the 90 Day Challenge again in 2013 as libraries' needs change on a daily basis and there are new libraries."

Chuck Hughes

Hi, my name is Alexy, a Canadian recording artists/producer from Montreal.  I am emaling you today to thank you for your 90 Day Challenge program, which I particpated in last year and through which I have created a great deal of industry contacts and connections, as well as having one of my songs placed in three episodes of Nickelodeon's "Hollywood Heights".  I have since reccomnded your program to many other artists looking to get their foot in the door when it comes to licensing. I am very grateful for your work, because without it I would not have the knowledge and opportunities I have today.


Listen to Alexy talk about his experience taking part in The 90 Day Challenge here.

 Free Bonuses!

Everyone who signs up for The 90 Day Challenge will also receive the following free bonuses:

FREE BONUS! The Music Licensing Newsletter Compendium ($19.99 Value) 

A collection of every single article I've ever written about the music licensing business! 

215 pages.

Available as an instant PDF file download or as a hardcopy paperback from Amazon.

Topics Include Music Publishing, Music Supervision, Music Clearance, Performance Royalties, Publishing Royalties, International Licensing, Licensing In Advertising, Self Publishing, Performing Rights Organizations and much, much more.

Learn Everything There Is To Know About Music Licensing.

Largest Collection Of Articles I've Published To Date.

Great Addition To Your Music Business Library.

Free Bonus #2!  Member's Forum 

Member’s Forum - Additionally everyone who sign up for the 90 Day Challenge will have access to a new forum I’ve created just for participants of the workshop.  Networking with other people is a vital part of achieving success in the licensing industry.  This forum is a place for you to network with others, share experiences, ask questions and learn more about the business. 

Free Bonus #3! An Insider's Guide To Music Licensing Ebook ($24.97 Value) - A brand new, 205 page ebook, from How To License Your Music.com founder Aaron Davison.  This new ebook isn't even released yet but is yours for free when you take part in The 90 Day Music Licensing Challenge.  Officially released October 1st, 2013, this new 205 page ebook covers the music licensing business in great detail.  This is Aaron's most extensive book on the topic of music licensing and includes over four years worth of research into the business of licensing music.

Here are just a few of the many emails I've received regarding my programs and courses:

MTV has used 2 of the songs i've registered for placements already and I've been building on the foundation you've showed me with your directory and have had music placed for other artists on MTV, VH1, SPIKE TV, FUSE TV, Oxygen Network and more. Right now i'm working with my business partners to start  our own publishing company based out of Toronto and will have the initial phases of that up and running by the end of the summer.

Rob Panchuk
Anime Boyz 

Hi Aaron,

I want to thank you for your program.  Your tutorials and information has led to a placement in a film "Living Will" starring Ryan Dunn of "Jackass".   It was due to the the steps and information you provided that helped with this placement.  I will use your program as a Music Licensing Bible.  

Thanks Aaron. 
Timonthy Byrd

Thanks Aaron.  I like how you do things.  Very organized and excellent presentation of materials.

Dan Robison 

Everything I know about the music licensing business I learned from Aaron Davison. His "A-Z of Music Licensing" is a fantastic guide that outlines the most important points in a clear and fun to read way. His latest program, the "90 day Challenge" was a fantastic way to deepen my knowledge about the biz. Aaron made the participants job of submitting to one company every single day as easy as possible and I am now in contact with Musicsupervisors, Publishers and Libraries. I started to look forward to the daily lead and even though those 3 months were strenuous, I was almost sad when the program ended.

Franco Pellegrini 

Hi Aaron!
Just wanted to let you know that our song Round and Round will be on this coming episode of 90210 on the CW--10/13 8pmEST if yer curious to listen in for it :-) Thanks for your help and inspiration in helping us learn the ropes and reach this milestone :-)

James Mason

Mason Brothers 

Hey bud. I paid for your info a few years back, and I am now starting to place songs! Thank you! it worked, it really does! it did take a while, but I had to pay my dues (I guess),,, anyway, thank you!


Hey Aaron,
I thought I would pass on to you the fact that I also got my whole catalogue (47 tunes) signed to one of the libraries in your directory. 
Thanks for your help!

Hi Aaron,

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that your Songwriter's Guide is absolutely one of the most powerful and informative guides on the market today. I have searched high and low for your phone number but I didn't save it or write it down when I thought I did. I will be meeting a group of songwriters on tomorrow night for a networking session and you can bet that I will send them to your site. I hope that I get to speak with you again about your guide, audios and videos...all I can say is WOW!!!! I will be mentioning it on my podcast and featuring it on my site after your approval. I am in daily conversations with writers and muscians who are looking to license their music but don't know how or where..you are a valuable source for them and I'm going to let everybody I come in contact know about you, your site and materials. If it's not too much trouble, may I please have your contact number again?


Tina E. Clark 

 Class Dates And Tuition

The 90 Day Challenge Program starts Monday, March 10th, 2014.

Leads will be delivered daily throughout the program.

The private phone consultation will be scheduled during either the first or second week of the program during a time when we are both available.

Tuition Cost And Schedule

Register between now and March 9th or when all spots are gone, whichever comes first, for just $99.99

The program starts Monday, March 10th and lasts for 90 consecutive days.

Just 20 spots available. 

Register For Just $99.99 Until March 9th!

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