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The Ultimate Music Licensing Guide" is a four hour plus audio/video course that outlines, in a step by step fashion, how to write, produce and license music in tv shows, films and ads. The course is instantly accessible online and features 7 different modules as well as a resource section featuring sample contracts, samples of music Aaron and others have successfully licensed and more.

Here's What You'll Learn Inside "The Ultimate Music Licensing Guide"

-Introduction To Course 

Module 1 - Mindset

-Music Licensing Is A Long Term Game 

-Staying Motivated

-Dealing With Rejection

Module 2 - How To Write Music For Licensing


-Three Elements 


-Subject Matter


-What Types Of Songs Work Best

Being Authentic VS Writing For Licensing

Module 3- Production 

-Production Quality

-How To Choose The Right Music Producer

-How To Finance Your Recordings

Module 4 – The Details – Things To Do Before You Start Pitching

-Types Of Files You Definitely Need

-Types Of Files You Might Need

- Copyrighting Your Music

-Metadata And Your Tracks

-Registering With PRO’s 

Module 5 - Networking And Marketing

- How To Research The Market

-Publishers And Libraries VS Supervisors

-How To Make Contact

-How To Submit Your Music

-Tracking & Following Up On Your Submissions 

-Submitting Directly To Music Supervisors

-Should You Pay To Submit To Music Briefs?

Module 6 - The Business Of Licensing

-How You Get Paid And How Much You Can Earn

-Non Exclusive Re-Titling Deals 

-The Pros And Cons Of Exclusivity

-How Cue Sheets Work

-Co Publishing Deals Explained

-Buy Out Deals 

-Types Of Deals To Avoid

-The problem with spreading yourself too thin 

-Negotiating Deals

Module 7 – Advanced Music Licensing Techniques

-How To Create An Effective Show-reel With Gary Gray

-Working With Interns And Assistants

-Professionalism And Music Licensing

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