The A To Z Of Creating An Information Product Business 

For the last four years I've made a full time living online.  What started as a means to make a little "extra spending money" has grown into a full time income stream that has grown each year, despite our current economic climate.  

As a musician, making money on the internet is the most ideal way to make a living (oustide of making money from music) that I know of.  Working online provides flexibilty of time, location independence and the freedom to work on projects that inspire and motivate you. As a musician, I've chosen to focus on selling products and resources related to the music industry, which has allowed me to continue to further my own education of the music business and get paid for it at the same time.

Working online has also provided me with the means to travel and work from various places in the world.  Something I always wanted to do, but never had the means to do prior to working online.

In the last three years I've been able to travel to, live in, play music in and work from places such as Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Peru.

Me Performing In Costa Rica

 Me Performing in Costa Rica

In short, working on the internet has helped me further my goals and make money at the same time.

I recently created an in depth audio program where I explain, in step by step detail, how I created and set up my business, how I'm able to work from anywhere, when and where I want and on what projects I want.

Although not directly related to music licensing, let's face it, it takes money to make music.  Music licensing, like many businesses, requires up front capital. Until you start generating money from your music, you need the ability to finance recording projects, manufacture CDs, build your website and so on.

An Information product business is the ideal way to achieve these goals for several reasons:

1) Practically no overhead

2) Freedom of time

3) Location independence

4) Ability to choose your own niche (eg, music industry)

5) Ideal for musicians who tour (work from the road or take time off)

6) Unlimited income (the more you work, the more you make)

7) You'll learn how to market online which will help when it comes to marketing your own music.

My new program is called "The A To Z Of Creating An Information Product Business". 

In this hour long audio program I explain:  

How To Select The Right Niche

How To Create Your Information Product
How To Accept Payments
How To Create A Landing Page
How To Create A Newsletter
How To Attract Customers
How To Market To Your Customers
The Three Key Principles To Effective Marketing
How To Create A Sales Page
How To Create An Affiliate Program
How To Find Other Affiliate Products
How To Use Google AdSense
How To Generate Free Traffic
Additional Ways To Monetize Your Business
How To Build A Website For Free
And Much More!  


The A To Z Of Creating An Information Product Business is accessible online immediately upon checkout. Stream the entire program online or download a zip file with all of the mp3´s and listen when and where you would like.

 The A To Z Of Creating An Information Product Business
Just $19.99 

The A To Z Of Creating An Information Product Business