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If You're Ready To Start Making Money By Licensing Your Music And Get Your Music Heard By Millions Of People, Keep Reading... 

Dear Fellow Songwriter, 
I have some questions for you:

·Would You Like To Earn More Money With Your Music By Licensing Your Songs For Use In TV and Film?

·Do You Have A Catalog Of Songs That YOU'RE NOT Earning Income From?

·Are You Tired Of Working Your Day Job While You Wait For That Elusive Record Deal That Might Never Come?

·Do You Think Your Music Is Good Enough To Compete In The Marketplace But Simply Aren't Sure Of How To Get It Out There?

·Are You Ready To Take Realistic Steps To Move Your Career Forward By Licensing Your Music While Making Money And Also Gaining More Exposure For Your Music At The  Same Time?

If you answered "YES!" to any of these questions, then I have some important news for you...  

Here’s The Bottom Line... 

NOT making money from what you're passionate about sucks!

It leaves you feeling like you have no power in your life.

Over time it can become very discouraging and can rob you of the passion and determination you need to succeed in this VERY competitive business.

It can cause you to question whether or not you're on the right path.

It can lead many people to simply give up on their dreams, despite possessing the necessary talent that is needed to succeed. 

On the other hand...
There are few things more rewarding than getting paid for what you love to do.

It feels great to get to wake up EVERY DAY and do what you love to do... and get paid for it.

It feels great to know that there is a NEED for your music and that you know HOW to get paid for the music you create.

Simply put, It just feels very rewarding to know that you're on the right track and to see tangible, measurable progress as you move towards your goals. 

Unfortunately, Most Musicians Will Never Learn 
How To Make An Adequate Living
From Their Music... Not 
Because They're Not Good Enough... Not because
Their Music Isn't Great...
They Just Won't Take The Time To 
Learn How To Take Their Career Into
Their Own Hands And Develop The Skills
Needed To Succesfully Market Their Music...  

Licensing Your Music In TV and  Films

My name is Aaron Davison. I've been writing songs for over fifteen years. I attended Berklee College of Music in the mid 1990's where I majored in Songwriting and studied with some of the world's most renowned Songwriting Professors, including both Pat Pattison and Jack Perricone. It was during my time at Berklee that I was first introduced to the concept of writing songs for film and television as a career. Although at the time I was mildly intrigued by the possibility of this career path, it wasn't until eight years later that I decided to seriously entertain the idea. At this point I had played in a variety of bands and had still yet to achieve my elusive goal of becoming a rock star.  One day while surfing the Internet I came across an article about a Berklee Alum who made a living, in part, writing songs for Film and Television.  This article inspired me for the first time to make a serious effort to pursue the craft of writing music for Film and Television.  I realized that during all the time I had spent chasing my dreams of rock and roll stardom, I had passed over many more attainable goals that could have helped me make a living doing what I love to do most, playing music. I also realized that accomplishing these goals would probably actually get me closer to where I wanted to be.  Within six months of reading that article I had signed my first licensing deal with a publisher and about four weeks after that I had my first song placed in a major network TV show. 

How You Get Paid When You License Your Music
For television shows, each time a song is used on air a performance royalty is generated.  The royalty amount varies based on a number of factors including the length of the segment as well as how prominently it is used.  Each performance generates both a writer's and publisher's royalty.  If you work with a music publisher you both essentially get half of the entire royalty.  If you are able to place the music without the aid of a publisher you retain both the writer's share and publisher's share of the performance royalty. Again, the amount varies, but to give you an example the first song I had placed was in a scene that lasted about :55 seconds on a daytime drama in 2002.  The royalty check I received for the placement was over $800.00!  This was in addition to a $500.00 licensing fee that I received from the television show that the song was used on. Not bad for less than a minute of airtime. 

Why Most Musicians Don't Earn An Adequate Living From Their Music
Most musicians I know are shooting in the dark with their careers.  They are waiting for some sort of elusive success that will probably NEVER come.  I'm not saying this to scare you or to alarm you.  I'm saying this because it's true.  Unless you have an AMAZING manager or are VERY VERY lucky, the odds are simply stacked against you. There are MILLIONS of other bands and artists that are trying to break into the music business as well.  But the good news is that MOST of the competition will not take the necessary steps to succeed.  This is good news for YOU! You can set yourself apart by educating yourself and taking FULL RESPONSIBILITY for your own career. 

What's the solution?
You HAVE to learn how to take matters into your own hands.  Just writing a great song doesn't guarantee that you're going to make any money from it or that anyone will ever hear it!! 

You can't sit around and wait for someone to discover you!  It's NOT going to happen. Really, it's not.  The odds about the same as winning the lottery.  Have you ever won the lottery?  Well I haven't either! However, the good news is YOU CAN succeed if you take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for your music career.

Getting Your Songs Placed In TV And Film - A 20 Billion Dollar A Year Business
Getting your songs placed in Television shows and films can be a wonderful source of income for musicians. Record sales have been declining for several years now but the licensing and publishing aspect of the music industry has never been stonger. The Music Licensing industry alone is a 20 BILLION dollar a year market

These days there are endless opportunities to provide your music as background music for various mediums.  From TV shows to movies to websites and video games, independent music is everywhere.  The music industry, like all industries, is constantly changing and evolving.  To survive, and eventually thrive, it's imperative that you stay abreast of the where the music industry is headed and stay on top of where the demand is for your music. Making a living as a musician can be an extremely challenging task, to say the least. I know it was for me for many years.  But if you're driven enough and are smart about what you're doing, making a comfortable living is very attainable.  

How To Get Your Music Into TV and Films... Introducing The A-Z Of Music Licensing 2.0!

Based on my experience of working in the music licensing business for over six years, I have put together a one of a kind program called The A-Z Of Music Licensing 2.0 that covers, in detail, how to get started in the business of music licensing.  This program is the most comprehensive product available on the business of music licensing, period. It explains in detail everything you need to know to get started in the business of licensing your music. The program contains both an audio portion (ipod compatible) that explains how to license your music, an audio interview with a leading industry insider and also a directory of contact information for the music licensing industry that is accesible immediately as a PDF file. The whole program is available online immediately when you check out. 

Here’s A Breakdown of Everything You Get...

(All material is accesible online immediately upon checking out)

How To Audio Program -  Covers All The Technical And How To Information Of The Music Licensing Business From A - Z.
Topics Include:

Copyrighting Your Music
What To Say When You Make Contact
Who To Contact
What To Say When You Make Contact
Music Licensing
Music Publishers
Music Supervisors
What To Say When You Make Contact
Styles Of Music That Are Used
Perfoming Rights Organizations
Production Quality Issues
Types Of Deals
How Licensing Fees Work
How Music Royalties Work
Why Your Music Is Needed
Music In Video Games
Types Of Writing Assignments
Tips For Increasing Your Chances Of Getting Your Songs Placed
How To License Music Internationally
Subject Matter.... and more! 

 Three Audio Interviews With Music Licensing Professionals!

1) Audio Interview With Michael Redman -  Michael Is The Founder Of My Music Source.com - In This Audio Interview Michael Covers Many Different Aspects Of  The Music Licensing Business - Learn What It Takes To Succeed Directly From An Industry Insider!

2) Audio Interview With Darko Saric - Darko is an instrumental composer whose music has been heard in a wide variety of television programs.  During this audio interview Darko discusses what it's like as a songwriter working in the music licensing industry and shares many great insights into how to get started in the music licensing business.

3) Audio Interview With John Buckman - John is the owner of a company called Magnatune. Magnatune both sells music directly to consumers and also licenses music to TV, Film, Ad Agencies, etc. During this audio interview John explains what it takes to succeed in this competitive industry. Learn directly from someone who is on the front lines of the music licensing business.

3 Song Sampler -  Includes the first three songs I had placed in Television.  This is a great reference for the production quality needed for getting your songs placed in Television.  

All The Audio Files in the program are accesible as both streaming audio files or as downloadable Mp3's that are compatible with your Ipod or other portable mp3 players. 

A Songwriter's Guide To Music Licensing Ebook - This ebook sells separately for $29.99 and is included at no extra cost as a part of The A To Z Of Music Licensing.  This 44 page ebook goes in depth into how the music licensing business works and how you can start licensing your songs in Film and Television.  Available as a PDF file.

Sample Licensing Contracts (New!!) - Learn how actual deals are structured in the sample contract section.  See actual real world examples of different licensing contracts!

How To License Your Music Internationally (New!!)-This section covers how to license your music in foreign countries and still get paid.  Includes a comprehensive list of Performing Rights Societies around the world.  

Free Bonus #1 - The 2018 TV and Film Music Industry Directory - Contact over 2,600 music publishers, supervisors and more with the 2018 TV and Film music industry directory.  Accessible immediately as a PDF file when you purchase The A To Z Of Music Licensing. The 2018 TV and Film Directory sells by itself for $29.97. 330 pages.

Free Bonus # 2! If you order the program today you will also receive a completely free audio program called "How To Establish Your Own Music Publishing Company".  Whether you want to set up your own publishing company in order to self publish your own music, or you want to establish a publishing company in order to work with other artists and help them license their music this program is for you.  In this free audio program you'll learn:

How To Establish Your Own Publishing Company
How You Get Paid As A Publisher
Who Needs To Start Their Own Company
Which PRO Is Better For Writers That Self Publish
The Exact Steps You Need To Take

What's the price for an amazing program like this? Well, even though it has taken me over six years to acquire the knowledge and experience that you will be able to consume in a few days, I'm offering this program for what I think is the very fair price of  $57.00 $47.00.  You'll most likely make this back many times over when you get your first licensing deal.  You spend money on strings, accessories, etc.   Why not invest in a product that will actually help you move your career to the next level?? (Oh and by the way, if you're making any money from your music at all you can deduct the cost of this program on your tax return!!)  

Testimonials: (Here are just a few of the many emails I've received regarding the A-Z Of Music Licensing)

Hi Aaron,

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that your Songwriter's Guide is absolutely one of the most powerful and informative guides on the market today. I have searched high and low for your phone number but I didn't save it or write it down when I thought I did. I will be meeting a group of songwriters on tomorrow night for a networking session and you can bet that I will send them to your site. I hope that I get to speak with you again about your guide, audios and videos...all I can say is WOW!!!! I will be mentioning it on my podcast and featuring it on my site after your approval. I am in daily conversations with writers and muscians who are looking to license their music but don't know how or where..you are a valuable source for them and I'm going to let everybody I come in contact know about you, your site and materials. If it's not too much trouble, may I please have your contact number again?

Tina E. Clark

Hi Aaron!
Just wanted to let you know that our song Round and Round will be on this coming episode of 90210 on the CW--10/13 8pmEST if yer curious to listen in for it :-) Thanks for your help and inspiration in helping us learn the ropes and reach this milestone :-)

James Mason
Mason Brothers

Hey bud. I paid for your info a few years back, and I am now starting to place songs! Thank you! it worked, it really does! it did take a while, but I had to pay my dues (I guess),,, anyway, thank you!

Just got one of my songs placed in Roadtrip Nation thanks to your info!

Thank you!

Hi Aaron; I purchased your licensing program and directory 3 weeks ago, I just received a licensing placement agreement last week placing 4 of my songs in the company's catalogue as a result of your program. Thanks so much!
Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry
Hey Aaron,
Just wanted to say thanks for your awesome program! It's great to know that there is information like yours available.  I'm excited to get started!

Hello Aaron.
I just ordered and downloaded your audio files ...
I think this is some wonderful information and will soon be using it.
I will keep in-touch with possible questions and updates on how well this works out for me.
Because of your course, I am currently re-mastering some songs I have done to make them sound better, copyrighting them and submitting them to the
contacts you have provided.
Thanks for a great course ....

Hello Aaron,
I sent you an email a few weeks ago asking about your thoughts of pitching my music ( Mostly Blues & Jazz ....But also Guitar intrumentals, folk, French cabaret, Christmas and some Traditinal Country )and actually making any money at the library thing. Your reply was that these genres were not yours and you couldn't really comment on that domain .
I apreciated your honest answer and went ahead and bought your repertoire of libraries, publishers etc...
Well here's the lowdown after 3 weeks of hard work sending emails and submitting songs online and via CD by mail.
I've signed deals for 27 songs and there's another 60 or so that are being screened as I write this email....

Hey Aaron,
I thought I would pass on to you the fact that I also got my whole catalogue (47 tunes) signed to one of the libraries in your directory. 
Thanks for your help!

Hey Aaron,
I'm in the process of signing two songs to a publishers thanks to your info!  Thank you!!

hi aaron,
thanks for all your info and directory.  such a great help! 

Thank YOU!!! 
I must say I find your products extremely helpful....keep it up!!!
Tammy Hunt

Great, inspiring information….exactly what I was looking for in regards to publishing and the like.  Much appreciated!! 
Brian Thunberg

Yesterday I purchased your Film/TV directory and I must say it is a whole lot  different from "Song Writers Market" book.  It's great! 

Hey Aaron,
I did purchase your 'A-Z of music licensing' and  the directory. I think they are great!

Aaron,How are you?  My name is Tim Byrd and I purchased your online version of your program.  It's great! Thank you.


You’ll Also Get An Additional Free Hour Long Audio Program
When you invest in my program right now, you'll also get my brand new program,
The A To Z Of Creating An Information Product Business, for free!

In this  hour long audio program you'll learn how you can take your knowledge of music and the music industry and turn it into a viable business that you can run from anywhere on your own schedule.

I've spent the last two years earning a full time income online and during this audio program I show you how you can do the same.  Gain the flexibility you need to tour, record CDs and more. 


I'll teach you:

How To Select The Right Niche
How To Create Your Information Product
How To Accept Payments
How To Create A Landing Page
How To Create A Newsletter
How To Attract Customers
How To Market To Your Customers
The Three Key Principles To Effective Marketing
How To Create A Sales Page
How To Create An Affiliate Program
How To Find Other Affiliate Products
How To Use Google AdSense
How To Generate Free Traffic
Additional Ways To Monetize Your Business
How To Build A Website For Free
And Much More!  
Let’s Wrap This Up 

       Here's a recap of what you're going to get:




You get everything:

  1. The A To Z Of Music Licensing Program Which Includes:

How To Audio Program
Audio Interview With Michael Redman
Audio Interview With Darko Saric
A Songwriter's Guide To Music Licensing Ebook
One On One Email Coaching

Free Bonuses:

  1. The 2018 TV And Film Music Industry Directory ($29.97 Value)

  2. How To Establish Your Own Publishing Company Audio Program ($10.00 Value) 

  3. Sample Licensing Contracts ($10.00 Value)

       These extra bonuses are worth over $65.00 but they're free with the purchase of The A To Z Of Music Licensing.


Here’s How It Works… 

       When you click on the order button below, you'll go to my secure order page for your credit card information. When you use my secure order form, you'll be able to access the program and your free bonus ebook immediately via a secure, password protected section on my website.

       Your transaction is secure—using a secure server, your order information is transmitted using the latest SSL encryption technology to ensure complete and total privacy and security. Make sure that you hit the bottom that says ¨continue to AD inc¨ to be directed to the login page for the program. 

The A-Z Of Music Licensing 2.0 Program  

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