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Posted by Aaron Davison on Tuesday, June 17, 2014 Under: June 2014

Over the last few years I've worked with hundreds of songwriters helping them get their music placed in TV and Films.  I've learned a lot about what both seems to be working for songwriters as well as what holds some songwriters back.  The most common thing that seems to hold most songwriters back who are struggling in getting their music placed, assuming they're already writing and recording quality music, is simply failing to take enough consistent action while working towards their goals. 

One of the things I recommend songwriters who are interested in licensing their music do in my program,The 90 Day Music Licensing Challenge, is to submit their music to at least one new place every day, for 90 days.  It's a simple formula that will GREATLY increase the odds of getting your music into the right hands at the right time. 
Obviously, if you want to license your music, you need to get your music to people who are in the business of licensing music. By submitting your music somewhere every day for 90 days, you'll greatly increase the odds of connecting with the right company or companies sooner.
It's also an immensely educational process that will help you learn how the business really works. When you submit your music on a regular basis you'll get a lot of feedback about your music very quickly that you can apply to what you're doing. 
For example, you may find that certain styles of music you write fare a better chance of being used than others, based on the feedback you receive, and you can then apply that information as you move forward.  Or you may learn that your music production isn't quite where it needs to be and you can use that information to improve your future tracks.  You may find that your music is great just as it is and that there is a great demand for what you're doing and you simply need to take more action connecting with people in the business.
Regardless of the type of feedback you receive, it's extremely valuable in the sense that you can take action based on solid, objective reactions of people working in the industry. This is a process all songwriters who are interested in learning the music licensing business should go through.
If you want to start taking massive action towards getting your music licensed in tv and films, join me in the upcoming 90 Day Summer Music Licensing Challenge.

The 90 Day Challenge is a 90 day long program that combines one on one coaching, 90 daily licensing leads, in depth video tutorials and much more.

This is the last week to register fo the upcoming 90 Day Music Licensing Challenge which starts next Monday, June 23rd.  When you sign up, you'll receive all the bonus material right away. The program officially starts next Monday.

To learn more and to sign up, visit:

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